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TruVision Health, One Year In

TruVision Health is the maker of wellness products containing natural ingredients for energy, weight loss, detox, better sleep, and heart health.  They launched in 2014 with a first-rate marketing approach involving fresh tactics for a new, younger audience following the MLM model.

We thought it would be interesting to check back with TruVision one year into their campaign. Namely, how are the products being received?  Here's the story on TruVision products, one year later.

TruVision Products List

A research survey of customer experiences with TruVision products reveals some very interesting points, some of which were completely surprising and which would not have been anticipated one year ago.

Take a look below, where you'll find a summary of customer experiences for TruFix/TruWeight & Energy, the flagship product of TruVision.  This is actually two products, but are commonly sold as the “TruCOMBO”.

The TruCOMBO costs $101.90 per month for a retail customer.  By becoming a Preferred Customer and enrolling in monthly auto-delivery shipments, the price becomes $89.28 per month.  Those who join the TruVision program to sell the products get the TruCOMBO for $80.39 for a one-month supply.

How it Does With Curbing Appetite

The main reason people buy the TruFix /TruWeight & Energy combo product is to curb appetite.  Many customers seem to have busy jobs where mealtimes are sporadic but nevertheless they need their energy.  The TruFix/TruWeight & Energy, for the most part, seems to curb appetite for people who have to wait a long time between meals.  It does this by supplying the body with necessary nutrients for satiety, thereby curbing stress eating and overeating between meals as well as overeating at meals.

Since snacking, stress eating, and irregular meal times are the triple threat of dieters everywhere, a product that decreases these types of eating is the most effective type of weight loss product.

How it Does With Energy Levels

Even customers with physically demanding jobs reported more consistent energy levels between meals when consuming the TruVision products.

An interesting point on the subjectiveness of customer reviews: some report feeling more energetic, while others report feeling jittery.

The product contains decaf green tea extract and states that there is no caffeine in the product.  In fact, the TruVision website makes much ado about the fact that their product does not make consumers jittery.

Obviously, it all depends on your personal situation, your own body, your mental state, and your perspective.

How it Does With Weight Loss

Overall, customers reported slow and moderate weight loss on this product.  Averages were about 10 pounds per month: not radical by any account.  However, this is in keeping with healthy guidelines for long-term weight loss and as such can be viewed as a positive.

Negative reviews for this product focused mainly on the absence of weight loss results.  To keep this in perspective, keep in mind that this is a highly subjective measure of a product's worth.  There are of course a million and one reasons why someone might not lose weight even though they are taking a weight loss product.

The absence of proof is less compelling than the presence of results!

How it Does With Bonus Benefits 

More than just a few consumers reported that their headaches disappeared while taking this product.  That may be due to previous nutrient deficiencies which were corrected by taking the nutrient-packed products.

How it Does With Pricing

The main complaint from customers was that the price has increased since they first started buying the product.

How it Does with Customer Service & Shipping

Almost every customer reports fast, easy shipping.  As for customer service, questions get answered quickly and issues get taken care of, as reported by actual customers of TruVision Health.

The Verdict

TruVision seems to have given birth to a twin hit: The TruWeight & Energy and TruFit combo pack, to be exact.  Consistently, across the board of customer reviews, the one aspect that keeps popping up is “works as an appetite suppressant”.  The only real critique whose validity is anchored by consistency is pricing.

The “jittery” complaints are suspect: It's peculiar that reviewers would use the same exact phrasing as the TruVision website.  It's as if they're simply trying to downgrade the TruVision reputation by negating what is stated on the TruVision website rather than actually trying the products and giving honest reviews.


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