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Tube Traffic Training Review

Tube Traffic Training also known as  Tube Traffic Mastery, offers training videos and webinars with the latest Internet video marketing strategies.

Instead of trying to drive traffic to a blog or website, Tube Traffic Mastery was designed to give you the tools to drive traffic to videos via YouTube and Google.

Statistics show that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, driving Video-on-demand traffic to the roof.

If  you are into marketing and searching for the most profitable strategies to bring eyeballs and future customers to your business, you definitely want to learn how to get people watching your videos!

Read this complete review to learn why Tube Traffic Mastery can be one of the most practical and useful programs, to get your $$ weight up when it comes to video traffic.


About Tube Traffic Training

After searching for more information about Tube Traffic Mastery we found Jon Penberthy to be the creator of the program.

Jon is a successful entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing. He runs an online marketing business and spends a lot of time traveling around the world and teaching others how they can make money online with his strategies.

Penberthy has a popular Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account, he can be seen in a slew of YouTube videos, so there should be no doubt that he’s a real person with knowledge of the digital medial industry.

Jon is actually a well known marketer.  He has been a top earner in multiple companies and a successful affiliate to many products. His results thorough the years definitely showcase  his knowledge when it comes to info-marketing and generating a solid income online.

More About Tube Traffic Mastery Training

The Tube Traffic Training website offers access to a series of  videos, presumably featuring Penberthy, sharing everything he knows about Youtube marketing and how he has developed a profitable business around this concept.

The general purpose of the course include:

  • How To Target “Free Traffic”
  • Video Marketing Blueprint
  • Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Formula For Success

According to the official Tube Traffic Training website, the video series can be best describe as:

“A Simple Video Marketing Formula To Flood your site with The Most Targeted And Profitable traffic on the entire internet!”


The Opportunity

The opportunity offered by Tube Traffic Mastery is access to Penberthy’s knowledge and teachings of Internet marketing, specifically with regard to videos. In videos founding outside of the Tube Traffic Training website featuring Penberthy, he asserts that he knows how to get videos to the front page of YouTube and at the top of Google searches.

He claims that the three keys to accomplishing this are:

  • Key Word Optimization
  • Engagement
  • Authority

Key word optimization for videos is no different in principle than with blogs or websites; however, it’s a factor that’s often overlooked with videos. Penberthy claims he can teach Internet marketers how to properly utilize key words in video titles to increase traffic.

Engagement pertains to users doing something with the video that goes beyond just watching it. This can include likes, comments, shares, and other forms of interaction. Penberthy says that just like other websites, creating engagement with videos is a great way to drive traffic and make it appear on Google searches.

Authority refers to gaining subscribers, making updates, and other activities that help an Internet marketer gain credibility as an expert on whatever topic their video covers. This is an aspect of driving traffic that often gets overlooked with video marketing, and so Penberthy’s knowledge on the topic has the potential to be quite useful.

We can assume that the videos offered by Tube Traffic Mastery involve Penberthy teaching these three skills, and possibly a slew of others, to those interested in driving traffic to Internet videos and making money via web traffic. It does appear that Penberthy is a knowledgeable resource on these topics.

The Verdict

The fact that Jon Penberthy is the creator of the program is a signal of quality. His name adds instant credibility to anything related to Internet marketing, as he has proven himself in the industry, has a wealth of knowledge, and is well respected.

Reviews of Penberthy’s videos and webinars in the past are largely positive. He has been praised for his teaching strategies that make it easy to learn and apply what he says. Penberthy also has tips and information that can be useful for both beginners and those with a fair amount of experience in Internet marketing. Tube Traffic Training offers the opportunity to listen and learn from Penberthy, which makes it is a site worth checking out.

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