Tubefilter Review

Tubefilter is a privately held company that operates an online media business, with one of its main focuses being the online entertainment industry.


The Company

Tubefilter, also known as, Tubefilter News was founded by Brady Brim-Deforest (CEO), Drew Baldwin ( SVP &Production) and Marc Hustvedt the Editor in Chief. The company is based out of Los Angeles, CA and has offices in New York. Tubefilter was founded in 2008. The Tubefilter News blog is targeted towards producers and the many distributions of web television content.

The company likes to describe itself as ” a leading online television trade publications” Tubefilter sponsors and also promotes several web television based award shows and foundations, one of them being the Streamy Awards. The company integrates blogs and services within the network:

  1. Tubefilter Jobs – A media and web television job board that was launched in 2009.
  2. Tubefilter News – Was launched back in 2008 as a trade publication for the online entertainment industry.
  3. Web T.V. Schedule – Also launched in 2008 as a web television guide that contains dates and times of releases.

More About Tubefilter

Tubefilter does not manufacture or distribute any actual products, it is a service and the sign-up is completely free. When you sign-up for Tubefilter you will receive Breaking News Stories, Event Information and Updates, as well as, The Top Trending Stories. The company website currently has 6 different headline sections or video archives:

  • NewFronts – Here you can find the latest trends and information about some of the well known YouTube channels and their creators.
  • Charts – This is where you will find an archive of the “top 50 Most Viewed” pertaining to different YouTube channels and videos, as well as, the “Top 100”. The charts are updated weekly so there is something fresh all the time.
  • Millionaires – This archive contains information and videos starring and pertaining to the many YouTube Millionaires worldwide.
  • YouTube – This is where all of the latest and up-to-date information is archived. It contains what is trending, changes coming up and all of the who's doing whats.
  • Branded Entertainment – You will find branded stars, products and much more.
  • Indie See what's new in the Indie Spotlight. This archive holds many of the videos created by Indie producers and Indie Star videos.

The Opportunity

If you are into making your own videos and are really good at it, you have an opportunity to have yourself and videos featured on Tubefilter. Tis can help you make a name for yourself and if you already have on it will help you become well known in the online television industry worldwide.

If you are great at making videos and are consistent then if you are featured on Tubefilter there is a possibility that one day you will also be starring on the Millionaires section. Take the walk of fame or possibly the walk of shame.

Tubefilter also has a job board site where you can find various media related jobs for different companies. None of the jobs actually pertain to Tubefilter, they do however pertain to the many areas of web content, social media and various other areas withing the media industry.

The Verdict

tubefilter-program-reviewMany people are trying to find out if Tubefilter is for real. Well Tubefilter has been cited and quoted in several publications, such as, The Wrap, Business Week, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and Variety. It currently holds a ranking among Top 1600 Blogs worldwide, according to Technorati, a publisher advertising platform.

Tubefilter has been in business for 8 years and has a lot of information out there, as well as, many videos within the walls of their archives. The company has an account with the well known site Linked In where you can find some information on the company.

So as for the big question “Is this for real?” Yes it is very real and it provides opportunity for those in the media industry to make a name for themselves and their work. There is a wealth of information available about Tubefilter, go ahead and check the blogs out!


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