Charlotte White is the author of The Top 10 Most Lucrative Markets And Hobbies To Tubeloom About. Not only is she the author of the book but she has also created the TubeLoom Program.


TubeLoom by Charlotte White Review

The Company

Well, there isn't too much information available about Charlotte White, author of the book and program. Supposedly she created the program to help others learn how to make $300 – $500 on a daily basis by making product review videos and uploading them to YouTube.

Within the first 5 minutes of reading the information on the official website, it is obvious that this is just another scam. There are no real solid details available about the creator or the product.

The Product

TubeLoom will cost $97 for the program and some bonus features. There is said to be a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee. At the bottom of the website, you will notice that it states ” ClickBank is the retailer of the products on this site”.

So what will $97 get you?

  • The complete TubeLoom Program with all necessary downloads.
  • The “How to triple your TubeLoom payments” special bonus reports.
  • The book by Charlotte White: The Top 10 Most Lucrative Markets and Hobbies To TubeLoom About.

The program is designed to teach you how to get started making videos for beginners, as well as, where to find the highest paying gigs. You can learn how to develop and scale your home business up and your income as well. The program is supposed to teach you how to setup your own personal video studio right in your home.

The offered program and educational materials are designed to help you make money fast in less time. The website claims that you can make more than a full-time income with less than a part time jobs amount of workload. You will learn how to make videos that you don't even have to be a part of and much more.

The Opportunity

For an investment of less than a hundred dollars, it is claimed that you can turn around and profit $300 – $500 on a daily basis. So the opportunity should be an immediate profit of hundreds of dollars right? WRONG. It is best to go ahead and learn this now… If a product or business claims that you can get rich quick simply by using the said product or service, IT IS A SCAM! So while there may be an opportunity to learn about making videos and possibly making money it isn't going to make you rich in a matter of a week.

The information shared may be valid in terms of the how to instructions and the marketing tips given but that's about all the opportunity there truly is and that's to learn a scam when you see one.

The Verdict

Don't waste your money on this product. You can find the same sort of information via Google. Just surf the internet like you normally do and you will find a wealth of information at the cost of your current internet or wireless bill. Don't be fooled by the scam and promises of getting rich using so and so's secrets.

TubeLoom gets an F and it doesn't stand for fantastic in any way whatsoever. Even if the product is that new there is just too much information that makes a business or product credible missing. Sorry folks just another get rich quick scam and you aren't the one who is getting paid my friends.

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