Twice Coin

Everyone knows about the power of Bitcoin and how it is a digital currency that is taking the internet by storm. But have you ever wondered how you can make a profit from this cryptocurrency? Sure, there are tons of sites that will ask you to invest your Bitcoins into their company to earn a return on your investment.

Many of those sites though don't pay you automatically. In fact, many of them hold on to your Bitcoins for a certain amount of time before releasing them to you. By that time, the company you invested in has earned their “fair” share and you are left with the dribble.

Well, now there is Twice Coin. Twice Coin is far different than any other site where you invest your Bitcoins. With Twice Coin you earn 2% ROI every single day. Plus, you don't have to wait to cash out. Twice Coin automatically deposits the Bitcoins into your wallet every single day without you having to request the funds.

What Is Twice Coin?

According to, the site was registered June 8, 2017. The site is set to private masking the site owner's identity.

When looking into the company a bit further, you will not find anything about who owns the site on the “About” part of the site. Even when you look into the social media like Facebook, you won't find anything.

You will see that they have a Facebook page. You will also notice that there are a lot of Facebook groups that seem to be promoting Twice Coin. However, there is not a name to go with the site.

Another interesting fact that you will come across is the language on the Facebook page. While is set up in English, the administrator for the Facebook page is speaking in Spanish or possibly Portuguese.

Either way, you can't make out what they are saying. All you will be able to gather is that they are promoting Twice Coin with everything they got.

Twice Coin Product

When looking at the site, you will notice that Twice Coin doesn't offer any retail products or services. All a member can do is promoting the opportunity and investment aspect.

Twice Coin Opportunity

The site lists several different “investment plans” you can choose from. In fact, there are nine different plans in total. Out of the nine listed, eight come with a 5% of the plan value per month.

The smallest amount you can invest is 0.02 BTC. With the “Twice 1” plan you are not offered any way to earn the 2% daily ROI.

However, the package plan does state that you can earn 4% binary earning with a daily limit of 0.04 BTC. With that rate, you are capped at earning 1.2 BTC per month. The “Twice 1” is the only package plan that doesn't come with the monthly fee.

The most expensive plan that is available is the “Twice 9” plan that requires 8.00 BTC. With this plan, you can earn the promised 2% daily ROI. Plus you can earn 17% binary earning with a daily limit of 16 BTC. The plan does cap you at 480 BTC monthly limits.

Twice Coin Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. The first major red flag is who exactly owns this site? There is no information anywhere about who runs it or even what language it is really meant to be in.

You have several contradictions when it comes to breaking the language barrier. Plus the 5% monthly fee that is owned and that is linked to the different plans is a bit odd.

Since you don’t know who is actually getting that 5% it should make you wary about handing over your hard earn money. The second red flag is the promise of 2% daily ROI if, you spend more than 0.02 BTC. But here is the problem.

The site is set up to rely on people buying one of the packaged plans and investing. The money is then distributed to the other members. Once recruiting stops, so will the site.

Now, if you are still thinking about signing up to Twice Coin you should probably start off small at the 0.02 BTC Twice 1 package plan. That way you can get a feel and know if they actually pay their members. Plus it doesn’t come with the monthly fee.

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