Twinkas Solutions (Twinkas) bills itself as a peer-to-peer donation and mutual aid scheme. Individuals donate funds to a sponsor to enter the system, and then are given donations in turn by those they sponsor below them.

What Is Twinkas?

The Twinkas website lists the company's location within Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. However, this address is for the Vietnamese Embassy, which makes it unlikely that this address is accurate.

The website's registration likewise yields very little in discerning who is behind the company or where it's headquartered.

Some other independent review websites have determined, based on its Alexa rating, that the site generates most of its traffic from Nigeria, leading to conjecture that the company may be physically located within that country.

The currency that provides the backbone for Twinkas is also the Nigerian Naira, further reinforcing this.

The Product

There's no discernible product or service that Twinkas sells or markets. In fact, the only action individuals can take in regards to the company is in joining it as an affiliate – and then marketing that same affiliate membership to others in turn.

The Opportunity

The affiliate opportunity provided by Twinkas is a four-cycle 2×1 matrix cycler. Buying into the system requires a “donation” of 5,000 Naira – between $15 and $16 in US dollars. Recruiting two direct referrals provides you with $10,000 Naira and the ability to “reinvest” in a deeper tier of the cycle.

With each subsequent tier – unlockable by paying in 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 Naira – the payout follows the 200% ROI model.


Sounds good, doesn't it? Donate to someone in need, get twice that amount back yourself. However, it's obvious that a scheme like Twinkas is unsustainable, as the company doesn't sell anything except memberships.

If it was selling anything that could fund the donations that's one thing, but under its current business model, once people stop buying memberships, the company stops being profitable.

The entire Twinkas cash gifting system relies exclusively on massive amounts of affiliate recruitment to move the company forward. This is excellent for someone at the very top of the pyramid who was able to get in before the rush of credulous individuals who want to win big using the cash cycler.

However, there's only one person that's going to win out the most, and that's the person at the very pinnacle – the creator of the system, the one that hands out all initial referrals. This person doesn't have to pass anything up to their sponsor – and that means they're walking away with lots of cash.

Meanwhile, anyone at the bottom of the chain, who has untold numbers of affiliates linked in above him, is going to be hard-pressed to work his or her own way up if everyone else they know has already entered into Twinkas higher than them.

Being unable to recruit anyone means that the initial deposit you make to join Twinkas never gets repaid, leading to these bottom-level affiliates dropping out.

This creates a domino effect wherein those directly above the individual who abandoned the system no longer have income coming their way – and so they drop out as well.

Like a snowball barreling downhill, affiliates begin leaving quicker and quicker until there's no one left – except, perhaps, the guy at the top, who already has his hands on all the money.

Since there's no way to get into contact with the actual owner of the company – as the address listed on the website is most likely false and there's no other available information anywhere – you're never going to get your money back.

You'll be left high and dry, with nothing except a rather upset feeling that you got fleeced.

Twinkas is almost certainly going to burn itself out in a matter of weeks or possibly months, depending on how many credulous individuals end up joining the system.

Of course the bigger the pyramid gets, the more people are going to lose out in the long run – so make sure you don't end up in that number.


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