TyroCoin is the latest in crypto-currency. According to the site, TyroCoin is a peer to peer fast and secure digital currency that is energy efficient.

TyroCoin is based on the newest Bitcoin code base and is scheduled to create 38 coins every ten minutes with APR at 2%.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable way to send money to anyone, anywhere including third parties or businesses then jump into the TyroCoin universe. With TyroCoin, funds go straight from the buyer into the sellers account that no public institution can follow or trace the funds.

What Is TyroCoin?

According to Who.is, TyroCoin.com was launched December 30, 2016. The site is set to private making it difficult to determine who runs the show. The site does, however, provide a contact email address for anyone to get in touch with someone within the company.

You will also find their address located in Toronto, Canada.

When looking deeper into TyroCoin, you will find  TyroCoin on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You will also find the company listed on MLMonline.in.

TyroCoin Product

The site doesn't really offer any products. On the site, it does have a “Service” tab with a drop down menu allowing you to pick from “TyroCoin Packages,” “TyroCoin Wallet,” “TyroCoin Blockchain,” “TyroCoin Trading” and “TyroCoin Framework.”

The TyroCoin Wallet is still under construction as is the TyroCoin Blockchain. You will find that The TyroCoin Trading link is broken and the TyroCoin Framework hasn't been set up yet. The only thing you can do right now is invest in one of the packages that TyroCoin offers.

TyroCoin Opportunity

In order to get started with TyroCoin, there is a $15 activation fee that is required. On top of that fee, you then have to pick which package you want to start off in. There are seven plans to choose from.

The “Basic” plan requires you to invest $100. You then receive 7,500 tokens. With this plan, it takes 55-70 days to mine.

The “Starter” plan runs $500. You will receive 35,000 tokens, 1,000 Caps, 2 splits and requires 55-70 days to mine.

The “Conventional” package is $1,000 and allows you 3 splits, 2,000 Caps, and 75,000 tokens.

The “Venture” package costs $3,000. You will get 200,000 Tokens, 4 splits, 5,000 Caps and 55-70 days to mine.

The “Professional” Package runs $6,000, the “Entrepreneur” costs $12,000 and the “Tycoon” runs $25,000.

With the Professional you will get 400,000 tokens. The “Entrepreneur” will give you 750,000 tokens, while the “Tycoon” will give you 1,500,000 tokens.

These “Tokens” allow you to pay other people, business, and the such.

TyroCoin Verdict

There is a lot of things to consider before getting involved with any crypto-currency. First off, you have to make sure that the currency is used elsewhere. You can't spend the tokens on a site that doesn't recognize the currency.

Secondly, the fact that with TyroCoin states that once a payment is made, there is no reversing it. The complications of that are endless. What if you happen to send the funds to the wrong account? There is no way for you to get back that money once it is sent out.

On the plus side, it only takes ten minutes for someone to receive the funds making it super fast delivery.

Another red flag that comes up is how half of the services aren't available yet. The site states that they will be in the next 54 days. It seems that right now the only thing you can do is invest your money and hope for the best.

Another thing that seems a bit off is the “days to mine”. The site does not explain this concept at all. Someone coming to the site for the first time would never understand what that means.

Above all else, the site is set to private making it hard to pinpoint who is running the show. This makes investing very risky as you aren't sure what will happen to your money once you do invest.

Best thing to do right now is to wait until the site is completely done and launched. TyroCoin may be able to explain things a little more clearly once it is actually up and running.



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