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Are you an online marketer looking for a tribe of people that is as like-minded and goal oriented as yourself? Sure, you can try online social sites to try and find a place to fit in, or you can go to U-Mind.

U-Mind is not like any other social media site. Within the website, you will find your tribe and connect with people. Not only will these people also be marketers looking for a place to belong, but they may offer you products and services that you never knew you needed to help build your brand.

After all, a business can't survive with just one person; you need others to help build you up.

That is what u-Mind is all about. Finding your calling and meeting people just like you who may need your products and services for their business needs. Unlike other social sites, U-Mind is all about sharing. Sharing ideas, products, business strategies, and even a little inspiration to keep you on the right track.

U-Mind offers you a place where you can set up shop and introduce people to your products and services. Within the Shopping Mall, you will find a plethora of different people and services. So if you are looking for a place that you can freely promote your business, you may want to try U-Mind.

What Is U-Mind Space?

According to Who.is, U-Mind.space was registered August 9, 2016, to Mr. Kevin Lee. You will find a La Canada address listed for the domain address which contradicts the website address that states the site is run from California.

Looking further into the address of the company you will discover that the California address is actually registered to Regus and is completely virtual.

When looking into Mr. Lee's background, you won't find much. This could be due to the language barrier since Mr. Lee is Korean.

U-Mind Space Products

As for the products that U-Mind offers, there isn't any. Only members that are affiliates that have something to sell have the products. You simply go to the Shopping Mall and browse around to see if there is anything worthwhile that can help your business.

You won't find anything with the brand U-Mind on it as U-Mind is more of a platform where individual affiliates can connect and promote their brands and products.

U-Mind Space Opportunity

In order to join U-Mind, there is a small fee for membership. You can pick from three different packages. “The Prestige” package runs $10 a month. The “Noble” is $1,000 to join plus has a $100 a month fee. Or you can sign up as “Royal” for $2,000.

With that being said, the way you earn money is by recruiting other people to sign up. You then get paid commissions for each recruit that pays the membership fee. The commission is paid out at 1% of affiliate fees. The system is set up as a 3×10 matrix.

You go out and find three people to start your downline and they go out and find three and so on. You then get paid three levels deep. On the first level, you will earn 10%. The second level is 5% and the third level is 3% and the fourth level is 2%.

You can also earn by qualifying for one of the three bonus pools. You are looking at earning anywhere from 1% of the collected company-wide membership fees to 5%. In order to qualify though, you are required to have at least 100 people in your downline for the share of 2%. Or at least 1,000 in your downline to receive a share of the 5% bonus.

U-Mind Space Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up with this site when you look at it from a business perspective. If you don't follow the business plan and only use the site to promote yourself, then it isn't so bad.

The Shopping Mall area where you can showcase your products is a great idea. However, like any mall, there is going to be rent due each month. So you have to ask yourself if you are able to pay for the virtual shop on U-Mind.

Now, when you look at the business plan in place and the affiliate side of U-Mind, which is where things get a bit tricky. A lot of the wording on the site makes no sense and has absolutely nothing to do with the business.

You will soon come to realize that a lot of what is said is just fancy words to make it seem like U-Mind is technologically savvy. But the site is far from it. In fact the further you dig into who and what U-Mind is; you may find yourself running for the hills.

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of U-Mind. There is a lot going on under the table that isn't explained clearly on the site. The last thing you want to do is throw your hard earn money out the window. U-Mind may have a killer idea and offers a social platform for like-minded people, but the price to join is too high.

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