uds game

UDS Game is a mobile app environment designed to be used as a marketing tool for businesses in order to communicate with existing and potential customers. The app provides businesses a method for giving free offers and discounts to users, and UDS Game also provides opportunities for uses to earn loyalty-based rewards such as cashback for actions taken through the app.

What Is UDS Game?

UDS Game is a product of Global Intellect Service, a Russian-based company founded by Viacheslav Ushenin. Global Intellect Service is billed as an IT services company that was created in 2014. UDS Game is its flagship software app and is the one that has allowed the company to branch out beyond Russia and attempt to capture a global audience.

UDS Game Product

UDS Game is a free mobile app, available on both the iOS and Android platforms, that can be used to search for local businesses offering discounts on goods and services or other, similar offers.

While using the app as a customer is free, the reason there is no cost is because the app is subsidized by businesses that partner with Global Intellect Service. Subscription fees for company partners are either $100 per month with no initial fee or a $900 startup fee and then just $20 a month thereafter. Paying upfront provides a modest discount of $60 for a company committing to a year’s worth of partnership with UDS Game.

UDS Game Opportunity

There are two opportunities to be had with UDS Game. The first is the one presented by downloading and using the free app as a customer, as doing so provides offers and discounts that may save money on goods and services you were already planning on purchasing.

Additionally, the app has a “loyalty rewards” program where customers who engage in activities like leaving reviews of local businesses can earn points. These points can then be redeemed to unlock deeper discounts through the UDS Game app.

Meanwhile, the opportunity that UDS Game presents for businesses is through its ability to market a local company directly to users of the app for a relatively low price. With many businesses struggling to cope with advertising and marketing costs, paying approximately $100 a month to reach a built-in audience that uses the app may prove to be beneficial in driving better sales.

UDS Game Verdict

The total measure of UDS Game’s potential is hard to quantify. It seems to be very highly rated on the Google Play Store, with a 4.4 out of 5 stars across more than 7,000 reviews. It’s also been installed between 500,000 and 1 million times, indicating a decent global audience.

However, the usefulness of UDS Game may be limited geographically. It is likely that most of the companies that have registered with the app are located in Global Intellect Service’s native Russia, especially since the app’s iTunes Store page is still entirely in Russian. While the app has gone international, expansion into your area – either as a user or as a business – may be slow-going or nonexistent.

As a free user, this is obviously not going to impact you negatively, short of being disappointed that there’s no companies in your area that are participating in the discount app. As a business owner, though, you may end up throwing away marketing funds on an app that couldn’t be effective because there are no local users.

If you as a business owner are interested in seeing if UDS Game is a good fit as a marketing tool for your company, we recommend starting with the $100 a month option instead of paying $900 up front. It’s an excellent way to manage risk while still attempting to market your business in new and innovative ways. If a month or two goes by and UDS Game doesn’t seem to be driving new sales through your door, you can cut your losses and move on.

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