UEconomy is a cleverly concealed cash gifting scheme embedded in an online marketplace that purportedly lets affiliates market their own expertise in the form of online courses – or in marketing online courses created by other affiliates. However, the truth is that this online marketplace is simply a blind for the cash gifting scheme that underlies it.

What Is UEconomy?

UEconomy contains no information on its website itself as far as who is in control of the company. In fact, the only information available from the site's registration is its registration date of March 12, 2017 – the identity of the registrant is concealed by a private domain name registration service.

However, independent research into UEconomy has uncovered the name of the site's owner – one Peter Wolfing, a Manhattan-based internet marketer who's been involved in many other MLM and affiliate marketing projects in the past.

Wolfing's been involved in the MLM industry since at least 2012. A number of these sites have been criticized for being cash gifting schemes and recruitment scams, and have collapsed under their own weight.

Some of these now-defunct schemes include Turbo Cycler, Ultimate Cycler, Business Toolbox, Infinity 100, National Wealth Center, and Pay Me Forward.

The sheer number of launched and then failed MLM schemes that Wolfing has attempted from 2012 to today paints a rather bleak picture of UEconomy. It seems fairly obvious that this particular leopard hasn't changed its spots and that UEconomy is destined to be yet another failed MLM scheme.

UEconomy Product

Joining UEconomy does provide members with access to the U-Marketplace, the company's e-commerce platform. Membership also entitles members access to tools and training for internet marketing.

However, these products and services are ancillary at best, with the only real opportunities for members lying in marketing membership in itself to power the cash gifting scheme.

UEconomy Opportunity

Joining UEconomy costs $49.95 a month. Upon enrolling, members can begin acting as affiliates, earning recruitment-based commissions through a unilevel compensation scheme. This scheme reaches 12 levels deep, and provides the following commissions:

  • level 1 – $7 per recruit
  • levels 2 and 3 – $3 per recruit
  • level 4 – $5 per recruit
  • level 5 – $2 per recruit
  • level 6 – $6 per recruit
  • level 7 – $7 per recruit
  • level 8 – $2 per recruit
  • level 9 – $3 per recruit
  • level 10 – $2 per recruit
  • levels 11 and 12 – $1 per recruit

However, the true money comes into play with the U-Academy section of the site, which purportedly unlocks high levels of internet marketing materials and training but is really just a cash gifting scheme in disguise.

These tiers are high-ticket,  starting at $1500 and progressing upwards from $3000, $6000, $12,000, $25,000 and finally ending at $50,000. There's also a “licensing fee” that gets paid directly to UEconomy, ranging from $149 to $1995, for each cash gifting tier.

UEconomy Verdict

No matter how you dress it up and how many bells and whistles you throw at its members in the form of internet marketing training and tools, UEconomy operates as a cash gifting scheme.

This is readily apparent thanks to the ultra-high ticket nature of the scheme in itself. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay tens of thousands of dollars – over $100,000 when all gifting levels and “licensing fees” are taken into account – simply for access to this training.

No, it's obvious that anyone working the system this deep is in it as a money-making endeavor, and the only way to do so is to recruit others aggressively as it's the only source of revenue for this program (the $49.95 monthly membership fee isn't going to cut it).

Even if UEconomy wasn't set up in such an egregious way as to practically force members to recruit heavily to finance their place in their own cash gifting scheme, the fact that the creator of the site – Peter Wolfing – has such a terrible track record with establishing MLM underbelly recruitment schemes and then running them into the ground makes becoming involved with UEconomy one of the worst ideas ever in the history of bad ideas.

Finally, as if matters weren't bad enough, all the vaunted products and services that UEconomy is supposedly offering for these high ticket prices aren't even available at the time of this writing. The site clearly states that prelaunch phase doesn't even begin until June 7, 2017, which is still several weeks from now.

This means that any actual products or software that affiliates become eligible for today through cash gifting won't be ready to be delivered for several weeks – if they're delivered at all.

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