ultimate retirement breakthrough

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough (URB) is a training course designed to educate and prepare individuals for creating wealth over the internet as an affiliate marketer.

What Is Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough?

URB is a product of My Own Business Education, Ltd. (MOBE), a Malaysia-based company founded by Matt Lloyd, an internet marketer. MOBE claims to have more than 750,000 subscribers, to employ 165 staff, and to have more than 12,000 active affiliate partners.

The company provides access to a truly exhaustive array of internet-based education resources, ranging from how to use WordPress and YouTube to public speaking techniques for presentations and phone interviews.

In addition to its training programs, MOBE also provides “done for you” services, offering to create webinars, eBooks, videos, articles, email campaigns, and more, all geared towards internet marketing.

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough Product

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough is an intensive online affiliate marketing course, which includes 1-on-1 access to a phone coach during training, access to marketing funnels and websites, and daily members-only training calls.

The URB website claims that members will additionally be provided access to marketing quality products with real-world value and also merchant processing and accounting services, and that the full power of MOBE's support staff will be there to support members.

The URB course retails for one single payment of $49, which is covered by a 30-day  money back guarantee. It's unclear whether there are additional upsells after this point.

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough Opportunity

According to the website's earnings disclosure and terms and conditions, it seems that purchasing URB is one way towards becoming an affiliate for MOBE, perhaps marketing the massive array of products and services the company has.

This makes URB less a standalone product and more of a sales funnel for MOBE.

Becoming a MOBE affiliate costs $19.95 a month. Standard consultants can earn anywhere between 10% and 50% in commissions for every front-end sale. On high-ticket items over $500, this commission rate can go up to as high as 90%.

Affiliates have the ability to buy in to membership levels above Standard. These levels require significant outlays of cash – starting at $2,500 for Silver,  and continuing up to $30,000 for Diamond membership. Each subsequent tier unlocks additional perks and training opportunities.

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough Verdict

We've looked into MOBE before and, after a good, hard look at the company, decided that they might be worth a look. This still stands, though there are some things that we're going to point out about MOBE and URB to help you make a more informed decision.

MOBE's business goal is to sell its training and education products and services to its affiliates as well as have these affiliates market their products to others. It's also important to note that it's not necessary to invest heavily in MOBE to market and promote any of the company's programs.

This means that if you want to invest $47 in URB and then eventually become a MOBE affiliate, you won't have to spend much more than your $19.95 monthly membership price.

With the huge array of products that MOBE has, this could prove to be an excellent opportunity for a budding affiliate marketer.

However, if you already know your way around the internet marketing landscape, you might want to skip URB and sign up to become a MOBE affiliate directly, as URB certainly seems to be positioned for the novice or fledgling affiliate marketing crowd.

At the same time, the introductory price is not necessarily that high. Plus, the 30-day money back guarantee makes it relatively risk free, so if you do decide to pursue the URB course to see if it's going to be a benefit for you, there's no danger of being locked in to a service you won't need.

Be aware that most companies that offer refunds of this nature will only honor the initial purchase. If URB comes with upsells that you decide to purchase, you likely will not be able to get that money back if you do decide to avail yourself of the 30-day money back guarantee.

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