Unicorn Adz is a site that allows you to buy into different matrix systems in order to earn money. The site also explains how you don't have to jump into the matrix to earn.

The Company

Unicorn Adz is a site that was first registered 2014 and was updated October 2016. The site owner is Didhanath Signh who has been around many different circles online. You will find that he is linked with companies like Leafit, Banners Broker, AdHitProfits, and Unison Wealth in which Mr. Signh owned and operated.

The site, Unison Wealth, unfortunately, went under in the fall of 2015 and since then Mr. Signh has been working on launching his new site “Unicorn Adz” claiming that the site offers a never before seen compensation plan.

The Products

There are no products to speak of on the site. The only thing you can do is to promote the membership and recruit people to sign up under you to build your matrix.

The Opportunity

With many matrix systems, there are different prices for the different levels you want to be involved with. You will have to buy into one of the levels in order to qualify for any commissions.

There are three matrix systems you can join. The first is called “Unicorn 25”. The price for joining up with this system is $25. When you first sign up with this matrix, you will earn $2 for every position that you fill by recruiting others to join.

The “Unicorn 25” then grows five levels deep. The maximum you can earn when this matrix cycles through is $10,624. That is of course if you are in level 5 with all 32 positions filled.

Then there is the matrix system called “Unicorn 60.” As the name suggests, you will have to pay $60 to join in this plan. Again the matrix has five levels with 32 positions that have you earning $5 per person for ten weeks. When all is said and done, and you have filled all 32 slots, your grand total would be $32,000.

The last matrix is the “Unicorn 120” which you guessed, it would cost you $120 to join. Again, there are five levels for you to earn $64,000.

If getting into the matrix isn't your cup of tea, you can also earn by promoting the membership. You can then make anywhere from $1 to $10 depending on what position your recruit has bought.

The Verdict

There a few things to consider before signing up with this company. First off, if you get into the matrix and cycle in and out of the different levels, the numbers just don't seem to add up. Granted the initial cost allows you to stay in the matrix for ten weeks. But the earnings just don't make any sense.

Another thing that seems a bit off is how a member can earn money by clicking on links. The site explains how you can earn back your initial $25 in a month by clicking $1 cash links every day if you have one person under you. Or if you have two people in your matrix you get to click the $2 cash links.

The site makes it incredibly difficult to understand how anything works. It doesn't provide much detail on how you will get your money either. The site mentions how you can pull out 50% of your earnings, but you will have to keep the other 50% in your account in order to cycle into the next phase.

Unicorn Adz just doesn't seem to be a very sound investment whatsoever. There are loopholes and too many things unexplained to make any sense. You would be better off putting your money into something other than this matrix system. Granted, if you sign up as an affiliate, it doesn’t cost you a dime, and you will still be able to make some money depending on which level your recruit goes into.

Before you sign up though, make sure you do your own research. The owner of the site's reputation is a bit shady. But if he claims that the site works as it is supposed to, then everyone wins. Just be careful before putting money into it.

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