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USI Tech has officially entered the cryptocurrency fray with an innovative new ICO, launching the TECH Coin ICO.

The token crowdsale was recently announced at the London USI Tech live conference in October. In amongst the many different announcements from the USI Tech corporate team, the organization announced that they will be launching an initial coin offering. In addition to the ICO, USI Tech has also announced the following:

  • An overhaul of the USI Tech website, focusing on the “Future of Cryptocurrency
  • A new backoffice system set to go live on the first of November
  • A global Bitcoin ATM project
  • $70,000,000 GPU mining server contracts for both Ethereum and altcoins
  • A massive $10,000,000/month commitment to new mining hardware and upgrades
  • A removal of the USI TECH Forex trading software from sale
  • A comprehensive compensation plan and reward system for Tech Coin referral
  • A new customer service team and support system

The highly detailed USI Tech event provided investors and affiliates with the information they’ve been asking for regarding USI’s movements in the cryptocurrency space, and has firmly established USI Tech as one of the most promising cryptocurrency platforms of 2017. The USI TECH Coin is set to deliver a significant ROI, and is being launched through a tiered ICO.

Tech Coin ICO Investment Options

In order to create a tiered initial coin offering system, USI Tech is offering four different packages: Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. Each package delivers a different level of value for money.

The Tech Coin ICO is still relatively new, so there’s not a massive amount of information available on the specifics of the launch. USI Tech have, however, provided basic details regarding the ICO, which we’ll proceed to explain.

The total amount of tokens available during the USI Tech Coin ICO is 500,000,000 million. The first round of the ICO is currently underway, with more than 16 million tokens currently purchased by over 3,700 buyers. The current amount of currency raised by the ICO is 1,613.8 BTC, which is a little under $10,000,000 total

USI Tech Coin Packages

We’ll proceed to break down some cost and income projections for the various ICO package levels

Silver: 0.009433 BTC:

The Silver package offers 100 Tech Coins at a price of about $0.58 cents each. When these tokens hit the market, investors anticipate the following returns:

  • $1 = $100
  • $10 = $1,000
  • $100 = $10,000

Gold: 0.47165 BTC

The Gold package offers 5,000 Tech Coins with a first bonus of 10,000 tokens. The investment cost of the Gold package works out to $0.29 cents each. Investors anticipate the following returns from the Gold package:

  • $1 = $10,000
  • $10 = $100,000
  • $100 = $1 Million

Ruby: 1.8866 BTC

The Ruby package offers 20,000 tokens and two bonuses, which comes out to 80,000 tokens. This works out to about $0.14 cents each. The income potential of the Ruby package is as follows:

  • $1 = $80,000
  • $10 = $800,000
  • $100 = $8 Million

Emerald: 4.7165 BTC

The Emerald package offers a massive 400,000 tokens, which works out to just $0.07 cents per token. Investors anticipate the following returns from the Emerald package:

  • $1 = $400,000
  • $10 = $4 Million
  • $100 = $40 Million

Diamond: 9.433 BTC

The Diamond package is the largest option, and offers 1 million tokens plus four bonuses that amount to 1.6 million tokens. These bonuses are broken down as follows:

  • First bonus 200,000 Tokens
  • Second bonus 400,000 Token
  • Third bonus 800,000 Tokens
  • Fourth bonus 1,600,000 Tokens

In total, these 1.6 million tokens cost roughly $0.03 cents each. Investors expect the following returns from the Diamond package:

  • $1 = $1.6 Million
  • $10 = $16 Million
  • $100 = $160 Million

The Comp plan offers the same as BTC Package Uni-level, at 10% front line. It’s important to keep in mind that to access any of these packages, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, as the ICO only accepts payment in the form of Bitcoin.

In order to put the returns that are possible from the USI Tech ICO into perspective, we’ll break down some possible scenarios:

  • If each coin went up to $1 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $80,000
  • If each coin went up to $10 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $800.000
  • If each coin went up to $100 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $8 Million

This program provides affiliates operating from inside USI Tech with a powerful wealth generation opportunity, especially if token sales occur as expected. USI Tech is already a massive international organization, which will cause the price of the token to increase from internal buys alone.

While this may make it less risky than an initial coin offering that doesn’t have the backing of a massive international organization, it also makes it possible that the operation is a massive large-scale pump and dump in which the large-scale investors that purchase the Emerald and Diamond packages sell off immediately in order to recoup their initial investments. This may have dire consequences for lower level investors and dramatically lower the value of the coins.

Is Investing in USI Tech Worth it?

USI Tech has a strong reputation for delivering on the promises it makes, and is a highly popular investment vehicle for both affiliate marketers and investors seeking a legitimate Bitcoin multiplier. Judging from the history of the USI Tech platform, it’s safe to assume that the USI Tech Coin will generate a significant amount of interest from investors.

It’s important to remember, however, to only invest what you are prepared to lose, which is a solid rule to live by in the world of cryptocurrency investment. If you’re ready to get started with the USI Tech ICO, there are only a few simple steps to complete in order to invest.

  1. Log in to the USI Tech token sale and select a token package
  2. Review and purchase the token package you have selected
  3. Use the wallet code generated to pay for your package in Bitcoin


Q: Is your USI Tech Wallet ID valid after closing the web browser before sending payment?
A: Yes, wallet addresses are connected to your account permanently

Q: Is it possible to close the browser window before blockchain transaction confirmation?
A: Yes, transactions will occur regardless of whether the browser window is open

Q: What if the payment was not sent after the 10 minute period expired?
A: The order will not be marked as paid and the Bitcoin will be sent back to the original sender address within 24 hours

Q: What if the wrong amount of BTC is transferred for the ICO package chosen?
A: The order will not be marked paid and additional funds will be required before the order is completed.

Q: Where is the white paper for the USI Tech Coin ICO?
A: As the ICO has only recently been announced, the white paper will not be available until the first 500,000,000 million coins are sold, at which point the white paper and use cases will be released. At this point, a further 500 million coins will be released.

Where to Find More Details on the USI Tech Coin ICO

More details on the USI Tech Coin ICO will be released on the November 11th Dallas USI Tech ICO Recap event, which will be hosted by USI Tech's founders Horst Jicha and Mike Kiefer.

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