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Are you a day trader? Maybe you are looking for a new system that will give you the edge you need on the Forex market. After all, in today's world, nothing is guaranteed and the prices fluctuate faster than anyone can shake a stick at.

But what if you had a system that could help you sort through all the pings and give you an educated guess on where to trade next? USI-Tech is a company that develops automated trading software in the Forex market and now offers it in the bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange space too.

The USI-Tech has successfully launched more than 100 software versions each with different characteristics. These systems have then been tested and proven to be successful over the long term.

You see, USI-Tech was originally developed as fully automated trading software that allows smaller investors like your everyday Joe to participate in and dominate the Forex market. Now, it's your turn to jump in the game and start trading like a pro.

What Is USI-Tech?

According to, was registered June 23, 2016, to Mr. Joao Severino. The site has an address located in Portugal.

When looking into the background of Mr. Severino, you won't find much. This could be due to a communication barrier.

When you look at the website and click the “About Us” link, you are brought down to where the site talks about who USI-Tech is. This information doesn't give any clues as to who actually runs the site. It does, however, explain what USI-Tech is and what it does.
USI-Tech Products

You won't find any retail products. What you will find however is an automated trading system specifically designed for the MT4 trading platform. As stated on the site, anyone can install the system through the step by step process. Unfortunately, though the system is only available to those who sign up and become a member of the site.

USI Tech Opportunity

USI-Tech system is bundled with the 3×12 matrix membership system that allows you to earn money. Affiliates are paid in two ways, 1) residually commissions and 2) direct commissions.

Direct commissions allow USI-Tech affiliates earn €120 EUR for each and every new recruit that get signed up under them. For residual income, you need at least 3 affiliates in your downline to be eligible for the 3×12 matrix.

The matrix system is set up with you being the man on the top. Then you go out and recruit three people to be directly under you. From there, your three recruits find three people of their own and so on and so forth. The system allows you to build a downline of up to 797,160 people.

USI-Tech Fees

When it comes to signing up with USI-Tech, there is a €600 EUR membership fee that is due. This price allows you access to the Forex trading software. It also allows you to start recruiting other people if you want to earn money with the matrix system. You don't have to recruit people if you don't want to, but the option is there for those who do.

Another thing that you should know about before signing up is the brokers’ commissions. When you use the software that is provided by USI-Tech, you are charged a fee. That fee is called the “Broker Commission.”

The broker commission is split 25%/75%. 25% will go to your upline. The other 75% of the fee is then split into 12 payments to be paid out to the rest of the downline. The broker commission is never constant and changes month to month depending on how many recruits use the system.

USI-Tech Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. First off, it is important to understand that USI-Tech is combining two separate strategies into one site. On one hand, you have the Forex trading software that you can use to make money from stocks.

The second part of the site is all about recruitment and the 3×12 matrix system. Each entity works separately from the other. So if you want to use just the trading software you can. Or if you want to just earn money recruiting other members, you can do that too. The third option is to utilize both systems and earn as much as you can.

However, there is nothing to suggest that the Forex and Bitcoin trading platform doesn’t work. It may earn you lots of money and be spot on. The only real way to know for sure is to get the system and give it a try yourself.

Granted, like gambling, the stocks and currencies that are traded are constantly going up and down. No matter what automated system you use, it will never be 100% accurate.

Looking at the matrix system is where the red flags start popping up all over the place. The first major red flag is linked to the recruiting. The system seems to be set up where only those who have three or more people signed up under them will win.

Since it is mandatory for an affiliate to have at least three people signed up to even qualify for the matrix seems like a huge problem.

The second major red flag is the price tag associated with USI-Tech. €600 EUR seems like an awful lot of money to be handing over to a company that you know nothing about. The fact that there is no name or legit address associated with this site is just begging for problems.

You may want to hold off on signing up to USI-Tech. There just seems to be too many questions that can’t be answered. Sure, the software may be great, but the other side of USI-Tech is what will drag the company down.

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  1. I have been using USI BTC package for about 100 days now and I can tell you it is consistent with around a 1% return not including the price of BTC which even adds like 30% by the end of the package period. i would honestly try it out with some money and see for your self.


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