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Marketing your product through visual content, particularly videos, is extremely important today. A 2015 Animoto survey found 80 percent of shoppers feel that an informative video helps sell a product. A Vidyard study found revenues grow 49 percent faster using video marketing strategies. Use Video Agent X and create convincing videos that persuade consumers to buy your product or service.

Video Agent X is a cloud-based program that runs on any computer. Access it online without needing to download software. The software helps you create interactive videos to use for sales. These videos ask questions to target clients with the best video for their needs. You’ll customize videos to match exactly what buyers want.

The Company is privately registered, although the website names Peter Beattie and Matthew Keefe as owners. Matthew Keefe specializes in web development. Companies he's helped include Adobe, Disney, Sirius XM, and Yahoo. Their website shares their knowledge with video marketing and maximizing conversions through videos.

The Product

Video Agent X is a drag-and-drop software application that is cloud-based. The cloud-based aspect ensures it’s compatible with Mac and PC. You don’t download a thing.

To use the software, simply log into your account and enhance your videos. The videos created with Video Agent X easily upload to free services like Dropbox and YouTube. In addition, they work with paid servers, such as Amazon S3. You need a video-making software, but this cloud-based video design program is compatible with many programs. Compatible software includes Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, and Videoscribe.

Sure, there are plenty of companies offering video software design tools. The difference here is that Video Agent X allows the designer to create differing versions of a video. Not every customer is alike. Some many need more instruction using a product. This cloud-based video designer simplifies the use of A/B testing to ensure the best video reaches the target audience. The goal is to stop using “one size fits all” video marketing techniques and embrace targeted marketing.

To do this, sales videos created with the online software don’t just sell a product. The videos ask questions for the consumers to answer. By becoming involved in the process, your company engages with consumers. Targeted marketing drives home sales in the process.

Video Agent X uses a platform named “Intelligent Video Pitch Delivery” by the founders. When creating videos, ask your clients if they are male or female, an expert or novice, or home owner or renter. Customize questions to match the product or service you sell. If you sell vehicles, ask the customer if they’re shopping for a truck, SUV, or car. There’s an endless list of targeted questions you’ll be able to incorporate into your marketing video.

In just five steps, create a stunning sales video using the software. The five steps are:

1. Upload your video

2. Add questions

3. Add answers

4. Customize the design

5. Upload to your website

The Verdict

A special limited-time offer of $67 provides lifetime access to Video Agent X Lite. Pay a one-time fee of $97 for lifetime access to the professional version. According to the informative video, the regular price soon increases to $47 per month. Content towards the end of the page says the monthly access fee is climbing to “at least $197.” The lifetime access fee of $67 is a bargain for software that fills a need. Plus, enjoy free bonus gifts when you purchase lifetime access.

Video tutorials make it easy to master the software in little time. Software updates are also free for life if you buy the professional version. Lite users get six months of free updates.

The cloud-based video software comes with a “no questions asked” guarantee. Try the software for 30 days and see what you think. If you don’t love it, get your money back. It fills a need in today’s competitive online marketing industry. With an easy-to-use interface, drag and drop features, and a reasonable price, purchasing this software for your company makes sense.

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