VIM App Review

In an effort to create a multi-faceted community, VIM is a website and corresponding app that works to bring people together so they can learn and share with each other, reaching their business and financial goals. Through the many variations available through VIM, there is truly something for everyone. In fact, by offering so many amazing different options when it comes to the VIM universe, most people won’t even have to leave VIM to meet their social or business needs.

As mentioned above, VIM is extremely multi-faceted. The community has reached its current success by offering so many different options for its members. VimMingle allows members to meet and connect with new people. VimBlog allows people to post entries and send messages. VimSound is a way of letting users know if they’re around other Vimmers, announcing their presence so people can respond and connect. And finally, VimConverse answers questions and inquiries for members and is available on every page.

Most importantly, VIM is a tool to reach success. Members of VIM will have plenty of ways to access each other, but they will also be provided with a system that will help them get away from the daily grind so they can reach their own version of success. Whether this is getting away from a desk or reaching financial stability, VIM is able to help.

With these many options to connect and share, VIM is poised to become the newest movement in the entrepreneurial world.


Creators of VIM

Created by Brent Payne and Linda Baer, VIM was started to give people a tool to reach their goals. Both Payne and Baer had experienced success in their own individual lives, with Baer running a multi-million dollar company and Payne turning his startup into global company. Their goal was to design a tool that could combine their experience as business professionals with their passion for making a difference. The result of this combination was VIM, which has already started working in bringing people together and aiding them in reaching their goals.

The key to VIM is flexibility. The entire goal of the program is to enlighten people and show them that there is an opportunity for them to live their lives to the fullest. And these goals can be reached without being tied down by a nine to five job, financial concerns, or other barriers.

In order to help VIM members as much as possible, Payne and Baer came together and created a group of experts in their fields who were also committed to helping others reach success. The VIM inner circle includes scientists, doctors, creative gurus, app developers, marketing entrepreneurs, and even personal development professionals. Each one played an integral role in starting the VIM system.

Because Payne and Baer had to work so hard to create success for themselves, and bring stability to their families, they want to make the process easier for others. Their goal is to use VIM to show others how to reach higher levels of fulfillment, utilizing its unique technology to help members reach and even surpass their goals.

Benefits of VIM

vim-now-reviewsThe biggest benefit of VIM is that it encourages members to live the lives they want, providing them with the tools to reach these goals. Not only has VIM created an amazing community of driven people, but it has also given members access to coaches and mentors who can really help them. By offering members of VIM this amazing community of likeminded individuals and professionals, VIM has created an environment of success for its members, giving the extra push for people to reach their goals.

VIM is one of the fastest growing and most positive communities available today. Not only does it connect users to each other, but it also provides them with goals and instructions to follow so they can achieve their goals. By providing this form of coaching, VIM is able to push members to achieve more. More free time. More financial freedom. Less stress.

And, finally, VIM also offers users the ability to share the program with others. Not only will this give others the same opportunities VIM offers its members, but those who share VIM will also make extra money by doing so.

The Categories of VIM

As mentioned above, VIM offers several different options and categories for its members, each one designed to offer a specific service or aid for users. Because VIM is so versatile, it’s important for members to know about each and every one of these options, so they can use VIM to its fullest capability. Once a better understanding of these tools is grasped, members will really be able to propel their lives in the direction they want it to go.

VIM Sound

The creators of VIM understand that sound is extremely important. A single sound can trigger the subconscious, bringing back a buried memory, a sweet thought, or even reminding listeners of different parts of their lives.

The goal of VimSound is to remind users of the importance of their goals, triggering their subconscious to keep them focused and on track. By using sound to trigger this cognitive response, VIM is able to help keep members moving forward, making their way towards their goals.

Not only does VimSound offer the push that members of VIM need to stay focused and driven, but members will also have the opportunity to create their own clips that can be used for the next VimSound. By opening up the VimSound to all members, VIM keeps the sense of community for which it is known strong.

VIM Share

For those who want to use VIM to make a little extra income, they can use one of the many share options available to VIM members. Not only will this allow members to get their friends and family members involved in an amazing, supportive system, but it will also help build on the sense of community that is so important to VIM.

VIM can be shared from the mobile app or through text and network messages. However members chose to share the content, they will be giving their friends and family the amazing benefits that come with being a member of VIM. And, since they’re also making a little extra money for sharing, it’s beneficial for both parties.

VIM Mingle

Another key feature for building the VIM community is VimMingle. Used through the VIM app, VimMingle allows members of VIM make new connections with each other, no matter where in the world they are at the moment. And, since every member of VIM is there to help propel their lives forward, meeting with other likeminded individuals is both encouraging and refreshing.

Joining VIM

For those who are ready to start making moves towards their goals and dreams, joining VIM is actually very easy. Currently, signing up for VIM and getting started is completely free. For those who are ready to become members, they can simply sign up on the VIM website (

Once members have joined VIM, they will be given access to ways they can change their lives. And, through the VIM share program, members can get paid to share this success and information with others. All it takes is a simple sign up and people can begin transforming their lives through the powerful coaching of VIM.

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