viral crypto

Viral Crypto is a system based on of gift giving and donations. What you pay in, you get out by recruiting other individuals.

What is Viral Crypto?

There is very little information about who runs the site. You will find that it was registered September 2016. There is one name that comes up, Randolph Taylor from Italy. According to the site, Mr. Taylor has been an online entrepreneur for “last many years”, but doesn't state how many years.

The site may be run out of Italy, but according to Alexa nearly half of the traffic is coming from India. As far as anyone can tell, there is no address that actually lists where this company is located. Nor will you be able to find any information on Mr. Taylor through social media or anywhere online.

The Product

As for the product, there is nothing that is being sold on the site. What you are signing up for is a gift-giving platform where you are to pay your sponsor. Then you, in turn, seek out other recruits and they pay you. Or “Donate” as the site tells you. Once you pay in, that money is gone. The idea is to give gifts to other members so it is likely that someone at one point in time will not be paid or given any donations.

The Opportunity

The system is clear cut. You are to recruit two people to go directly under you. Once you reach that number, you can then place other recruits below your first line and can go as far as five levels deep.

The way you are paid is by getting your recruits to donate money to you. Then once you have the 62 positions filled, you can either stop or sign up all over again with a different account. The site allows you to make multiple accounts as long as they are not linked to the same account. You are then paid once a month in a lump sum of all the affiliates under you.

The Verdict

There are a few sites out there that scream amateur. Viral Crypto is definitely one of them. The first thing you will notice when scrolling through the page is the lack of English. There are far too many sentences that make no sense grammatically speaking. Plus, you will notice that the formatting for the site is off as well. Some of the paragraphs use all upper casing, while others don't in the same segment. There are also words that should be capitalized that aren't.

Next, you should take a look at the “Terms” page. This is usually where all the juicy bits of information are hidden. Within Viral Crypto terms page you will find that they can pretty much do whatever they want including manage memberships and make changes without notice. This alone implies that if you are successful with the program, there is not stopping them from cutting you off and taking what money you have earned.

Also, you can see that the people behind Viral Crypto don't understand the English by the words they use. In one paragraph alone, they mention how your account can be dismissed and you may be prosecuted for your actions.

Viral Crypto doesn't offer refunds and what you paid to other members, aka your “sponsor” is final. After all, the site is based on giving and receiving “donations” and isn't actually a business plan or model. The currency in which you do transactions with isn't real money but is turned into bitcoins.

What really makes this site different than other gift giving sites is that you can sign up with more than one account. Even though Viral Crypto claims that they are a non-profit organization, there is no doubt they are getting something from those signing up.

This site has far too many issues to take it seriously. Anyone signing up and depositing money or gifting money should do so at their own risk.

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