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Eben Pagan's Virtual CEO

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle is a marketing program delivered online, that is designed to help entrepreneurs and those with small business's achieve the growth they desire at a fast pace.

About Virtual CEO

The Virtual CEO was created by an online marketer and entrepreneur Eben Pagan. The online course is a combination of his personal marketing training programs, and several live events and coaching webinars. Pagan's success started with his Double Dating Brand, this million dollar company now generates over $20 million annually.

Eben has been in the business for a decade with a track record of success. He has run over 60 profitable online stores, coached and mentored many students who now make a living with their eCommerce stores. Eben has been featured in several publications.

The Product

Virtual CEO provides entrepreneurs with everything needed in order to get their stores functioning better and teaches them how to generate an income with your eCommerce business. The Virtual CEO course happens every two weeks and each live course lasts an hour and a half. The program will teach you how to double your current productivity, create a breakthrough product, how to use money to obtain wealth, create the lifestyle you always wanted. It also provides a CEO mastermind, systems for people and extreme growth, as well as, an automated marketing system. The learning program also offers:

  • Systematic training.
  • A private support system.
  • Live events that are hosted by Eben Pagan himself.
  • The Platinum passport, which gives you access to videos and training courses, free to students of Virtual CEO.

The training courses are designed to work in full harmony with what Eben calls ” The Seven Profit Pillars” These pillars consist of Productivity, Market Growth, Money and Wealth, Products, Lifestyle, Mastermind and Learning.

The Opportunity

Members who use the Virtual CEO training program will learn everything they need to know in order to successfully operate an online store. The eCommerce Academy provides step-by-step training that shows you the process of building and running a store online. The tools and resources that are provided are incredible. The information, tools and resources will guide entrepreneurs down the path of success, whether you are new to business or already have experience the program offers something for everybody.

When you invest into Virtual CEO it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if it is not what you were hoping for you will get all of your money back. There is a catch, when you fill out for the refund you must prove that you actually took the course, completed the homework and attended the live webinars. For those who do complete the course the sky will be the limit. The information and training provided is hard to come by, the lessons will not be found at your local college. The course is taught by someone who truly has the experience in eCommerce and has a wealth of information to share about real life situations.

The Verdict

Eben Pagan has proven to be successful in all of his past endeavors. The program costs almost $500 but the amount of information provided along with the tools and resources have the potential to bringing entrepreneur success in business, as well as, generating a full time income from your home. The program is designed to help entrepreneurs no matter what type of business they are running.

There are many reviews out there from people who have used the product and are now bringing in 6 figures annually. People pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend colleges to major in business, while this program costs $4997 and will provide you with much of the same information. In just 6 months you can be on your way to bettering your eCommerce business and earning the income you desire. The verdict says that this product is truly beneficial to those who are struggling with their online business, as well as, to those who simply want to make theirs better.

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