VistaLife is a direct sales and network marketing company that creates and sells nutritional supplements through its network of affiliate marketers.

What Is VistaLife?

VistaLife is run by husband-and-wife team, Doctors Corrina and LeBron H. Long. Both have advanced degrees in naturopathic medicine; Corrina is the CEO of VistaLife, while her husband LeBron is the product formulator for VistaLife.

The Product

The product line for VistaLife is diverse. Nutritional supplements available from VistaLife range from heart health, brain health, overall wellness, energy drinks, immune health, as well as general health and fitness.

Prices for these products vary as well, but the majority seem to be priced at around $50 retail with discounts available for affiliates or preferred customers.

The Opportunity

VistaLife has a highly detailed affiliate network marketing program available to individuals looking to generate approximately 10 percent in commission on sales by selling its products.

The affiliate program requires “Associates” to buy into the company, purchasing one of four initial packages to begin selling: the Basic, Standard, Premium, or Elite package.

For $49.95, the Basic kit provides one bottle of VistaLife's “Purple Tiger” energy supplement pills, 5 Purple Tiger trial packs, order and enrollment forms, and a personalized affiliate website to drive traffic to.

Benefits include purchasing VistaLife products at wholesale price and then selling at retail price, the ability to recruit new associates, receive Quickstart bonuses, and receive 10% of PV on 1 level.

Subsequent levels offer more initial merchandise while marginally increasing benefits over the Basic kit.

Standard, which costs $99.95 and is available in two different combinations of products and samples, increases benefits to 10% of PV to 2 levels.

The Premium kit ($299.95) follows this pattern, increasing benefits to 10% of PV to 3 levels.

The final tier, the Elite kit, does not include pricing information, nor does it include any added benefits over Premium level.


Becoming a VistaLife associate may represent a reasonable opportunity for making an income from direct sales and/or network marketing online. The product line is deep and the entry fee can be relatively inexpensive, which are two things in its favor.

However, selling nutritional supplements does come with some issues.

Nutritional supplementation is big business. It's also nearly completely unregulated, which means that there's really no way of knowing what's in that pill or energy drink you're taking.

This can and has led to problems for companies in the past that may use corner-cutting production methods or unsafe ingredients in their products.

There's little in the way of information about VistaLife's manufacturing process or quality control efforts listed on its website, nor is there any discernible guarantee offered on its products.

This can sometimes be indicative of a company that is doing little-more than selling the modern equivalent of snake oil, or at the very least marginally unsafe products.

At the same time, there seems to be little in the way of negative press surrounding VistaLife.

Some reviews of select products are marginal, reporting that its supplements may not be as effective as claimed or might result in unpleasant side effects in some customers, but there has been no “smoking gun” so to speak in terms of whether investing in VistaLife is a bad risk.

If you have little to no experience in selling nutritional products, VistaLife is likely a moderately safe choice for your first income earnings opportunity in the sector.

Barring any major scandals or issues, the company seems solid enough to continue to be in operation at least over the short to medium-term.

Experienced affiliate marketers will likely find success in this realm as well, provided your marketing efforts are robust enough to drive traffic to your affiliate site and convert this traffic to sales in sufficient numbers to create an income opportunity.

In the end, VistaLife seems like a safe bet for now, though not exactly a dazzling opportunity. As always, a modicum of caution is recommended for anyone marketing something new to them for the first time.

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