Vitaxel is a nightmare combination of affiliate recruitment scheme combined with several incomprehensible layers of products and services marketed exclusively to affiliates in a perverse version of a normal direct sales company.

What Is Vitaxel?

Vitaxel is based in Malaysia, and sadly this creates several comprehension problems with the website's content.

It is quite obvious that non-native English speakers created this content, making it difficult to discern exactly what the company is about, what it does, who owns and operates it, and how to become involved.

Thankfully, independent review sites have discovered some actionable information about Vitaxel – it's a publicly-traded company founded by Lim Hui Boon.

Additionally, the CEO of the company is currently listed as Leong Yee Ming. Neither of these individuals seem to have been involved in MLM or affiliate marketing companies in the past before launching Vitaxel.

Vitaxel Product

We're really not sure what kinds of products or services that Vitaxel offers.

There are listings on the company website for two different health products, but there is no price information or any way to order either of these products, making us think that the only way to gain access to them is to become a member of Vitaxel.

Additionally, there are several different services that Vitaxel supposedly provides, but not all of them seem to be working.

A travel discount service named Vtrips seems to be largely unfinished, as does the Vmall online marketplace, which simply links to a collection of third-party e-commerce sites with associated online coupons.

In fact the only two services that seem to work is the Vspark Bitcoin payment processor, which looks to be used exclusively for purchasing memberships with Vitaxel, and the company's V App, available for download from both Google Play and the iTunes Store.

Incidentally, there seems to be no option to become a member of Vitaxel without using the Vspark payment processor, which showcases 4 membership tiers: Action, which costs around $130 in Bitcoin (BTC); Business, costing around $800 in BTC; Career, with a cost of $2000 in BTC, and Deluxe, which costs a mind-boggling $5500 in BTC.

What you actually gain access to for paying these funds is a mystery.

Vitaxel Opportunity

Apparently you can earn commissions if you become a Vitaxel affiliate and you recruit others into the program.

Depending on what level membership you invest in, and what level membership your new recruit invests in, you receive a set commission rate for every direct sale you make.

Vitaxel also offers residual commission bonuses using a points-based binary system. Sales activity is tallied up daily, and affiliates are paid a set amount for every 100 points matched by both legs of the binary team.

Vitaxel Verdict

There's no way to take Vitaxel seriously as an affiliate marketing or MLM company, simply because it's so unprofessionally presented through its website.

Because of the language gap and the fact that the Vitaxel site is still unfinished in many areas, we really can't tell you for sure what's going on with this company. Is it a direct sales company that provides health care products?

Is it a travel discount company? Does it only sell products and services to its members, or do they then market these products and services to others? Is it just an affiliate chain recruitment scheme? We simply can't tell – your guess is as good as ours.

A company this muddled is not going to last very long at all.

You'd be better off finding a more straightforward company to work with, one that has a clear mission and offers concise, understandable information on its site so that you can make an informed decision about the opportunity and the risks associated with it.

We predict that, unless it undergoes a complete overhaul very soon, Vitaxel is going to simply implode under their own weight of its incomprehensibility. There's no real reason to look into it unless you enjoy the kinds of jigsaw puzzles that come with missing pieces.

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