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WakeUp Millionaire is an eBook course designed to provide readers with the proper mindset for becoming millionaire themselves.

What Is WakeUp Millionaire?

WakeUp Millionaire was created by Patric Chan, a well-known internet marketer based in Malaysia with around a decade of experience in affiliate and direct sales. Chan is a top ClickBank affiliate sales leader and has spoken at internet marketing conferences around the world on his success and how to emulate it.

The WakeUp Millionaire site was registered in September of 2012 to Chan personally at an address in Malaysia, where Chan lives and works.

The Product

The WakeUp Millionaire product is a series of digital books and other related materials that Chan says will provide readers a path towards the best mindset for making money.

The content of WakeUp Millionaire is so-called “millionaire mindset” self-improvement, a combination of business advice and psychological insights that are geared towards creating a mindset of prosperity and success in the reader that provides for better performance in the reader's personal life and business dealings.

The entire package consists of:

  • Two volumes of The WakeUp Millionaire Blueprint eBook
  • The 12 Hours of Wealth and Wisdom Audio Training audio course
  • Three volumes of The Money and Success Formula Reports

The package also includes a free copy of The Walking With The Wise Entrepreneur eBook. The total cost to the consumer is $47, available through ClickBank. This provides a full 60-day money back guarantee, as with other ClickBank products.

The Opportunity

As is highly appropriate for someone like Chan, he is also offering an affiliate income earnings opportunity for individuals interested in promoting WakeUp Millionaire.

Chan is offering a 70% commission on all front-end purchases; according to his affiliate page, there is also a back-end product that is available to front-end purchasers as an upsell. A 50% commission is being offered on this back-end product.

As is customary with affiliate programs run through ClickBank, Chan provides support for affiliate campaigns in the form of pre-written sales copy and banner ads that individuals can host on their own websites.


There are many factors that are in favor of WakeUp Millionaire and its creator Patric Chan. First we'll discuss the product itself before addressing the affiliate income opportunity, as no discussion of one would be complete without the other.

It's hard to pull objective value from a product with subjective content. That's usually not quantifiable in a traditional sense; millionaire mindset products work well for some and poorly for others.

Instead of trying to create an arbitrary rubric for reviewing the product directly, we've examined the circumstances surrounding the product – namely its creator and his reputation and standing in the affiliate marketing community.

Chan is a well-known figure in the internet marketing industry with a proven track record of high personal sales volume.

This provides high levels of transparency for prospective customers, adding a sheen of respectability and legitimacy that is often all too lacking in other digital products for sale over the internet – instead of being sold on some product or service that was set up by an anonymous company in an effort to scam customers out of their cash, prospective customers are being sold a discrete product branded by a well-known figure within the community.

Knowing that the content of the WakeUp Millionaire course has been created by Chan also provides a perception of high value among prospective customers that are aware of Chan and his reputation as a successful internet marketer.

This leads us to believe that the WakeUp Millionaire product is primarily targeting individuals who are involved in the internet marketing industry but have perhaps not experienced the sales performance they would like.

Relying on the knowledge and insight of Chan likely seems like an excellent idea from such a perspective. Less successful internet marketers are, after all, keen to capitalize on proven success.

With Chan one of the most successful affiliate marketers out there, it's only natural to gravitate towards products or services he's created.

If there is one complaint we have about the product, it's that there's no indications of what Chan's back-end upsell might be according to the copy on his sales page.

Unless the initial product is truly stellar and inspires even higher levels of trust from customers who buy the front-end product, there's a risk that individuals encountering this upsell could become disillusioned and not desire to purchase the back-end product.

This could lead to dissatisfied customers. With no information as to what this back-end product is or its price, there's little else we can say about the potential for this to happen – and it's a rare point of frustration of us to encounter in an otherwise promising opportunity.

Additionally, as strong a reputation Chan has in the internet marketing community, he does have his detractors.

Individuals who have purchased affiliate marketing support services he has offered in the past have been vociferous in their condemnation of some of these services; one such service, known as CB Passive Income, seems particularly reviled.

Claims of the system being overpriced or requiring monumental amounts of effort to get it working as advertised have cropped up.

Still, despite these complaints, Chan is still quite a wealthy internet marketer. If he is willing to share his mindset tips in a series of eBooks and audio content, this may still be attractive to customers looking to maximize their own ability to earn a living from home.

This then brings us to the affiliate income opportunity associated with WakeUp Millionaire.

Reviewing the factors set out above, it's clear that the value of the product – or at least its perceived value – is only slightly tarnished by the issues of a hidden upsell and some controversy in Chan's past endeavors.

Overall, the opportunities for earning income as an affiliate are likely to be moderate, though this will depend very much on the skill and expertise of the individual affiliate.

Again there are some gaps that would need to be filled. There's no information on that back-end upsell or its retail price, which makes it impossible to determine what an affiliate will earn from such an upsell – a 50% commission is lovely, but the question remains: 50% of what?

However, this seems to be the only true problem that we foresee from becoming an affiliate.

There's no cost to become one, as ClickBank is free; whatever a marketer decides to spend to market the product on their own is a personal decision, after all, though individuals who believe the product will be popular may feel compelled to invest more heavily in their own marketing than they would otherwise.

Can we say that WakeUp Millionaire is going to be a runaway hit? That seems unlikely.

However, we feel justified in claiming that the product package will be moderately successful, and may be an excellent opportunity to diversify an internet marketer's current portfolio of products they're promoting as an affiliate.

This is of course the perks of having a legitimate product to sell and not just an MLM program membership.

With real goods, the longevity of an affiliate campaign obviously outpaces something like marketing a more dubious opportunity like a cash gifting scheme or access to a binary options trading robot.

Chan is likely to treat his affiliates much better than any fly-by-night MLM  company that can't be bothered to use real names and addresses in their marketing efforts or website registrations.

In the end, even taking into account the controversy in older products from Patric Chan and the vagueness surrounding the program's back-end product upsell, WakeUp Millionaire is likely to be a good risk for internet marketers looking for a quality product to sell for commission.

You may not become as fabulously wealthy as Chan from doing so, but there doesn't seem to be any red flags that would prevent you from becoming involved in the first place.

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