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Looking for a way to make money online without having to sell any products? Well, if you are like so many people out there you may have come across the website We Grow Bitcoins.

We Grow Bitcoins is a cash gifting site that utilizes the bitcoin to send to other members of the site. You start off by gifting 0.01 BTC to the person who introduced you to the site. From there you are eligible to receive 0.01 BTC from five recruits you go out and find.

We Grow Bitcoins is built on a 5×3 matrix system that allows you make money from gifting bitcoins to fellow members. The higher the level you go the more you have to gift in order to earn from other recruits.

What Is We Grow Bitcoins?

According to Who.is, the site was registered to a private owner on January 21, 2017. However, when you do a little bit of digging on social media you will find We Grow Bitcoins has a Facebook page. You will notice that a lot of the content on the Facebook page comes from Cory Holliman.

Mr. Holliman shares a lot of back office information about We Grow Bitcoin and one can only assume that he is the actual owner of the site. Although it is only speculation. The evidence does point to Mr. Holliman being the owner due to the insider information that he provides.

Such things like how many people sign up, promotional videos, and the like definitely suggest that he is the owner.

We Grow Bitcoins Products

We Grow Bitcoins doesn't offer any real products or services. The whole site is based on the membership that affiliates offer to other recruits. Since We Grow Bitcoins is a gift giving membership site it makes sense that there is nothing for the site to offer except the opportunity to earn money.

We Grow Bitcoins Opportunity

As stated before We Grow Bitcoins is a gift giving site that is set up as a 5×3 matrix. To begin one simply gives 0.01 BTC to the person who recruited them. Then, you must go out and find five people to sign up under you and have them gift 0.01 to you. Once you fill up level one you can sign up for level two.

Once you reach level two you are required to gift 0.03 BTC. Then you go out and find 25 recruits who will then gift you with 0.03 BTC. After you have filled all 25 positions you can move on to level 3.

When you get to level 3 you are required to gift 0.5 BTC. Then you can go out and find 125 recruits to sign up under you and gift you 0.5 BTC.

It is important to note that no matter what level you are in, the gift giving amount is a reoccurring monthly payment. In other words, you are going to be handing over 0.01 BTC for level one every month until you cancel your membership.

On the plus side though, if you have a downline then you are guaranteed to get paid every month as well so it could be a win-win situation.

We Grow Bitcoins Verdict

It may seem like We Grow Bitcoins is a decent opportunity for you to make money online. However, you have to remember that We Grow Bitcoins is a gift giving program. You need to know that there are no refunds once you hand over your money and unless you cancel your membership you are going to be paying each and every month.

Now there are a few red flags that come up when looking at this site. You should be aware that this site is set up for those who have a downline in place. If you are just starting off trying to make money online, this is not the best place to start.

If however, you have a downline and a list of people ready to jump on board then it will be a win-win for all involved. However, you need to be aware that this site is based on recruits. Without them, there is no money coming in. Once the flow of money stops, the site dries up. The best thing to do is steer clear of We Grow Bitcoins.

Unless you have a strategy and downline in place already, you may find yourself struggling to get people signed up and willing to donate funds to you just because.

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