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Wealth Rising is a gift giving site that allows its members to earn a return on their investment. According to the site, Wealth Rising is still in progress. The site even clearly states that WealthRising.net is a temporary site.

You will also discover on the site very clearly mentioned that Wealth Rising is a “global cooperative member to member” site. In other words, the site relies heavily on new recruits who invest in the system.

What Is Wealth Rising?

According to Who.is, the site was registered May 11, 2016, and updated February 9, 2017. You will also notice that the site is set to private. You won't find any information on who actually owns the site on Wealth Rising.

However, if you do a little bit of research you will discover that Gerhard Rempel is noted as the founder and CEO of not only Wealth Rising but Crowd Rising as well.

When you look into Crowd Rising you will find that the site first appeared in 2013. The Crowd Rising site offered members a return on their investments up to 150% by simply investing $10 or $20.

However, Crowd Rising according to Alexa has tanked which is most likely why Mr. Rempel has begun Wealth Rising. Since Wealth Rising is still a work in progress, it is possible that Mr. Pempel is trying to create something more sustainable than what happened to Crowd Rising.

Wealth Rising Product

There are no actual products listed on the site. The only thing that members can offer is the membership and investment plans that are available.

Wealth Rising Opportunity

Wealth Rising offers four different “plans” that you can invest in. You have your choice of “Minimizer” which requires you to invest at least $20 but no more than $100. With the “Minimizer” plan you are promised a 130% return on your investment which doesn't mature for 15 days.

The second “plan” is the “Kick Starter” where a member must invest at least $110 but no more than $300 to receive a promise return on their investment of 120% after 15 days. Once you get into this category, however, you are required to reinvest 10% of your earning.

The third “plan” is the “Optimizer” where you are required to invest at least $100 but no more than $1,000. You are then promised 146% return on your investment after 30 days. With this plan, you are also required to reinvest 20% of your earnings.

Finally, you can pick the “Maximizer” plan that requires a minimum investment of at least $300 but no more than $5,000. With this plan, you are promised 150% return on your investment that will be paid out after it matures in 30 days.

Plus there is the mandatory 25% of your earnings that must be reinvested into the system.

Another Way To Earn With Wealth Rising

There is a second way for you to earn extra money and that is strictly by recruiting new members. You will be able to earn commissions as far as four levels deep.

On the levels one and two, you will earn 2%. On level three you can earn 3% and level four you can earn 5%. Plus if you happen to be a top recruiter and get 12 people or more to sign up and invest at least $100 into the company you will earn a 5% bonus referral for level one.

Wealth Rising Verdict

There are so many red flags that come up when reviewing this site. First off, the owner of the site isn't on the main site itself. The fact that you have to dig around to find this information is a bit disturbing. If a company wants to be professional, you would think that who owns it would be right up front.

The second flag that comes up is how the whole site is set up. The fact that the only way to earn any money is by recruiting other members makes this site a high risk. After all, what do you think will happen when the recruitment ends and the funds stop coming in?

The site will collapse as it did with Crowd Rising.

If you want to invest your money in the site go for it. Just understand that there is no insurance company backing up Wealth Rising. When you invest your money you do so at your own risk.

Now you may find that later on when the site isn't “a work in progress” it might be something worth getting into. As of right now though it is too high a risk. Do yourself a favor and wait a bit before throwing your money at this site.

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