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Wealth Start Business is a website designed to help you earn money by watching advertisements. The site claims all you need is 15-minutes a day to earn a substantial amount of money.

What is Wealth Start Business?

The site is registered to Mr. Turan Uzunsolkakli from Germany. The site was registered March 2010 so it's been around for a while. However, any information about Mr. Uzunsolkakli is hard to come by. What you will find though is that Mr. U has been involved with “Magic Seven” and “12 Week Millionaire”. It could be that Wealth Start Business is just another site like those as they all seem to have a running theme. – No Products.

When looking into exactly who Mr. U is, you may find a Facebook profile. But all you will find there are different reviews on why Wealth Start Business isn't so great. You won't find any information about Mr. U. He doesn't have any posts on Facebook and only two friends are listed.

The Product

That's right; Wealth Start Business doesn't offer anything of value. What they do have is “membership plans” that you are to promote. In fact, that is the very first thing you will see on their site.

The Opportunity

While the site tells you how you can earn just by watching ads, you will soon realize that isn't the case at all. In order to make money, you have to recruit other people to the site.

The system is set up as a 5×4 matrix that offers 780 positions to be filled by you and your downline. There are four levels through the system that you can earn money from.

The first level allows you to earn $0.50 per month with only 5 positions available. Let's see here that is $2.50 a month.

Level 2 you will earn $0.25 a month if all 25 positions are filled. Again, do the math. That comes to $6.25 for the month.

If you happen to get to level 3 you will have 125 positions filled up and still only earn $0.25 a month per each position filled. That comes to $31.25 for the month.

Level four has 625 positions for you to fill up to complete the matrix. If you happen to get that many people in your downline you get $0.50 a month for each position filled. That comes to $312. So even if you have every single position filled up at the most you will earn $352 a month for having 780 people in your downline.

Even if you were to keep all those people, there is no way in a year you would become a millionaire. In fact, you might be lucky to earn $4,224 for the entire year.

Wealth Start Business Verdict

There are just so many things wrong with this site it is sad. When you break down the commissions, you will quickly notice that nothing adds up. How in the world can you make $1 million by watching ads and recruiting people? There is just no possible way.

Also when you look at how you will get paid, the site states that there are different ways. You can opt to be paid through Payza, ACH, Bank Wire or Debit card. First off ACH isn't a payment processor like PayPal or Stripe. It is an Automated Clearing House that processes credit and debit transactions in batches that are used in the US only. ACH deals with banks not small businesses like Wealth Start Business.

Another thing you may notice is the run around that the site provides about receiving your payment. The site states that you will be asked to create a payment account.

Sounds simple, but then it gets a little weird. According to the site: “as you advance in your levels, you will be requested to register your additional earnings payment accounts which you will then be able to register.”

What in the world? It sounds like you will have to keep on registering over and over again for different accounts just to get paid. The site doesn't offer a simple and clear cut way to get paid but spins you around with registering again and again.

When you start to look closer at the site, little things begin to pop up that should make you turn away. Lack of payment information and products. Plus, who is to say that the ads are even there for you to watch? According to the site it has 157,427 members already with a goal of 300,000. There is also a countdown in hours to when the site will launch. Yet, at the top, it clearly states that the site is live. So, which is it?

The best thing for you to do is steer clear of Wealth Start Business. As the saying goes, if it is too good to be true it usually is. And for this site, the numbers just go to show that nothing about this site holds any promise.

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