white label academy

White Label Academy is an educational program that will teach you how to generate income by selling other people's products. Or revamp other programs and turn it into something unique to you and your company to make a profit.

What is White Label Academy?

There is no information about White Label Academy except for the creator who goes by the name of Alex. That's it. No last name, no address, nothing. You will see plenty of reviews about how great the product is and how well it has worked for some people. What seems a little off is the lack of female reviews and testimonies. On the site, you will see a bunch of guys raving about the product, but not one single girl spouting praise. Kind of makes you wonder just who this company is targeting doesn't it?

The Product

As for the product, the White Label Academy up front cost is stated at $27 for complete access for life. Not bad considering that the website claims the product is worth over $1,000. But that is beside the point for now.

When you purchase White Label Academy you are given full training on how to generate $2 million in 12 months. Also, you will receive 12 DFY softwareís, Rebrandr to rename the software that has been pre-developed for you.

Included in the training are six modules that will walk you step by step how to use the software and generate leads. 5 DFY White Label Plugins and Launch Checklist, JV Rolodex and the outsourcing cheat sheet.

White Label Academy Summary

Okay, so letís get this straight. White Label Academy has created a product that lets you manipulate other products to make them look like you created them. Then the system teaches you how you can generate leads and make sales on these systems you have rebranded. Does that really sound legit?

There are a few flaws with this system and program. First, the price fluctuates from one review to the next. On the main site, it states that you can get the product for $27. On another site, it is only $17. So which is it? Or has the other sites simply rebranded the software and are trying to sell it at a cheaper price to make their money back?

Next thing is all the upsells that take place after you buy the program. In total there are three upsells that you are suggested to buy in order to really get the most out of the product.

The first upsell is $47 and you will get 10 WordPress plugins to help your WordPress site. The second is $67 that includes a template copywriting app with over 20 modules for you to go through. And finally, you will be told to purchase the $497 one-on-one coaching help to launch your new products. The coach will basically look over all you have done and give you a gold star sending you on your way.

So what started out as only $27 or $17 depending on where you got the product, you are then required to buy all the extra bells and whistles to really make the product work. There arenít enough dazzling reviews online that could ever hide the fact that this isn't a sound investment.

Sure, it may be a simple way to start a business with everything handed to you. But without the proper training and know how you will just be spinning your wheels.

One of the main things that should rub you the wrong way is the creator Alex. No company would ever launch without giving you an idea of who is behind it. Even fraudulent companies at least have a spokesperson upfront to put a name to a face. There is no face to associate with. There is no evidence that Alex really exists.

Another aspect of White Label Academy is that it is based on basically rebranding what other people have done. For some, that might sound a lot like stealing. Whether or not the program works is something to be debated. It could, but from what the site and other reviews have to say about the product, it doesn't seem worth it. It seems like at some point in time the product could be banned for copy write infringement.

Now letís look at one more interesting fact. After you scroll through the sales page you will see at the bottom the standard Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Earning Disclaimer. Every website has these at the bottom so what makes these so special? Notice the website address when you hover your mouse over those three links.

The website that pops up is MarioBrown.net. When you google Mario Brown you will notice that he is all over the place. Facebook, LinkedIn you name it. He has all the credentials that White Label Academy claims Alex has. So which one is telling the truth? Is Mario Brown the real creator? Or Alex? Maybe Alex used the system to copy and paste Mario Brown's success to make his business look better. These are all, of course, speculations but they do pose more questions than answers.

The picture from White Label Academy doesn't match with the images from Mario Brown's other sites. So who is running the show and why does White Label Academy link to MarioBrown.net service pages?† If White Label Academy was legit as they claim to be with massive amounts of followers and page views, why link to someone else's site?

The choice, of course, is up to you to join or not. There is a 30-day money back guarantee but the odds of this program being 100% legit are faulty at best. When it comes to sites that rebrand other programs there is the potential that someone will get nailed with copy write notices. But if you use the program as a stepping stool to create something yourself and gain the experience as to how to go about launching your product, it might be worth it. Just donít fall for the upsells. Thatís where this system gets you and you end up losing more than just time.

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