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Wifi Millionaire is a new front-end training product from geared towards funneling internet marketers into the My Own Business Education (MOBE) online affiliate sales system.

What Is Wifi Millionaire?

Wifi Millionaire was created by Matt Lloyd, a well-known internet marketer and the founder of MOBE. The affiliate company claims to have over 12,000 affiliate partners, and Lloyd himself claims to have generated more than $80 million in income from his online activities.

Lloyd founded MOBE in 2011 and claims to have paid out $50 million in commissions to its affiliates in that time.

The company employs countless sales personnel known as “coaches” that help provide training and support to new affiliates, as well as encourage sales of MOBE products. MOBE is an international company but is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wifi Millionaire Product

Wifi Millionaire is a 21-step training program that purportedly prepares individuals to begin selling and marketing MOBE products.

According to the website, the course includes 1-on-1 coaching with a MOBE staff member, access to daily training calls, and access to websites and marketing funnels that have lead to “proven” conversions.

As part of the Wifi Millionaire program, MOBE provides merchant processing and accounting services as well as access to the 150-member strong sales staff.

The introductory steps of the 21-step program establish the core of the program. The main strategy of the program is to sell high-ticket products and services in order to earn large commissions.

The training stresses the benefits of buying into a “franchise” system with a proven performance record. This proven performance is, according to Wifi Millionaire, simplified by boiling success down to a basic equation: traffic + conversions = sales, with sales then implying profit.

This is, of course, a rather simplistic view, even if it is relatively correct. Generating income on the internet requires driving traffic to a sales site and then converting a percentage of that traffic into sales, which provides revenue.

The trick is, of course, in driving that traffic and then having a product or service for sale that has enough perceived value to convert at a high rate. With Wifi Millionaire stressing high-value commissions, the perceived value of these products will have to be very high indeed.

After these first few steps, the remainder of the 21-step program transitions into on-boarding Wifi Millionaire students into MOBE as fully-fledged affiliates. This can result in some rather expensive upsells.

While the initial training program is just $49, there are a total of 5 very expensive additional levels available through MOBE.

These one-time payments range from $2,500 through $30,000; making these payments provides access to increasingly larger commission opportunities, detailed below.

Wifi Millionaire Opportunity

Wifi Millionaire promises opportunities to affiliates to earn up to $10,000 in commissions on some of the products it makes available for sale. What it doesn't specify is the hoops you'll have to go through in order to become a high-ranking MOBE affiliate that's eligible for such massive commissions.

Being a base-level MOBE affiliate (called a “consultant” enables you to market a wide array of MOBE products at commission rates of 10% to 50%. These products are mainly business education courses that retail for around $100-$300. This standard consultant membership costs $19.95 a month.

Consultants wishing to move up the ranks can do so in one of two ways: buy in to the level of membership they want, or begin marketing the membership level to others and passing up 5 sales' worth of commissions to their sponsor before earning the membership level directly.

There are five levels above Standard: Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond. Costs of membership are as follows:

  • Silver: $2,497 one-time fee, plus $27/month membership fee
  • Gold: $4,997 one-time fee, plus $64/month membership fee
  • Titanium: $9,997 one-time fee, plus $121/month membership fee
  • Platinum: $16,667 one-time fee, plus $198/month membership fee
  • Diamond: $29,997 one-time fee, plus $295/month membership fee

Members have the option of paying a year's worth of membership fees at a discount instead of paying monthly.

Each tier of membership increases the commission rate individuals get on the core products MOBE sells in their marketplace and also entitles members to additional training and support.

It also entitles members to market membership levels directly to others for a large commission, with the highest payday being $10,000 in commissions for every Diamond membership.

Wifi Millionaire Verdict

We've reviewed MOBE before, as well as some other front-end sales funnels similar to Wifi Millionaire that the company is using to drum up interest in its affiliate program.

These reviews have been mixed. The core products that MOBE sells through its marketplace, in the form of personal and professional development training courses, are diverse.

These offerings cover a broad enough area to have something for everyone, and that's good news for anyone who wants to market these products for a commission.

The problem we have with Wifi Millionaire is that the focus is on converting a $49 sale into a full-fledged MOBE member at a level higher than Standard. This makes the “21 step training program” nothing more than an elaborate sales funnel for MOBE and/or an indoctrination into a “franchise-based” company culture that revolves around investing as much as $30,000 into a system in order to begin recruiting other people to pay $30,000 into the system in turn.

Let's break it down a little: these high-ticket membership sales are almost certainly where MOBE gets most of its operating income. Out of that $30,000 sale, $10,000 goes to the recruiter – the other $20,000 goes to MOBE itself.

Even more money gets funneled into the company through monthly membership fees – close to $300 a month at the highest level – providing constant revenue for the company.

Some of this undoubtedly goes to MOBE's overhead or for reinvestment purposes, paying employees, maintaining network infrastructure, developing new products and training, etc. The rest – however much that is – is likely just going into Matt Lloyd's pockets.

To a degree, that's perfectly fair – MOBE is a for-profit company after all, and the founder and CEO is entitled to the fruit of his labor.

The problem we have is that the company pushes these big-ticket membership levels, possibly more than the much less expensive training courses that it sells in its marketplace (ostensibly because they don't make nearly as much profit off those sales).

On top of that, with Wifi Millionaire looking like nothing so much as a sales funnel to attract new high-level MOBE members to stuff the company's coffers, the value of the training the 21-step program offers may not be particularly high.

The strings attached to this training are numerous – yes, you'll get the opportunity to make $10,000 commissions, but not selling a product – only an affiliate membership. Not only that, you'll need to cough up $30,000 beforehand, or even worse, pass up $50,000 in commissions to qualify.

That requires finding 5 people who are willing to part with $30,000 of their own money for the privilege of becoming MOBE affiliates.

Then, if you want to earn your first $10,000 commission after that, you've got to find yet another individual willing to shell out the equivalent of a brand new car – or a down payment on a house. These details are obviously left out of the Wifi Millionaire promotional material.

We're not a fan of bait-and-switch tactics. Advertising a full course for just $49 and then waiting until you've got your customer on the hook before rolling out five incredibly expensive upsells isn't behavior we feel comfortable with, and we can't condone it.

This makes us reticent to recommend Wifi Millionaire as a product.

As far as becoming a MOBE affiliate? That's a serious mixed bag.

Becoming a Standard consultant, which is eminently affordable, could result in some secondary internet income from affiliate sales of the company's core products, but the best opportunities to make money with MOBE are behind some very steep pay walls.

Such massive investments make us uncomfortable. Our final assessment is to avoid upgrading your MOBE membership level unless you know for certain you can make a return on your investment.

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