WikiTrader is the newest binary options trading software. According to the site you can earn $8,600 a month just by using this amazing system. Some say that WikiTrader is the best manual trading software you can use, while other suggest flipping on the autopilot and let the program do its job. No matter what way you use WikiTrader, you can make money from the system.

The Company

When looking into who owns WikiTrader, there isn't any information. The site is set to private hiding the owner's address and name. The site was registered September 2016. However, according to the introduction video Kelly Wallace is the person behind the revolutionary binary options trading app.

When looking into the background of Ms. Kelly Wallace there really isn't much information to be found. You can do a simple Google search and find a Kelly Wallace that works for CNN, but none that is linked with WikiTrader.

What you will find is that the introduction video is staged and the woman claiming to be Ms. Kelly Wallace is an actress. She is the same woman that was seen a few years back promoting ìQuick Cash System.î When you look further down on the page, you will come across another name, Reed Wallace. Mr. Reed Wallace is stated to be the founder of WikiTrader. It also states that he is a partner in Venture Capital Firm. Because there is no real guarantee who actually runs the show, you should be a bit weary of signing up.

The Product

WikiTrader is like all other binary options trading apps. The system doesn't cost anything to use. However, if you want to trade you are going to have to make a deposit of at least $250. The $250 is the standard amount that many systems suggest you start off with.

According to the site you can earn $7,250 per day using the cutting edge technology that pinpoints winning trades. The introduction video never really gets into details about the algorithm or how the system works. It does, however, give you testimonials and screenshots as proof the system works but if you are a skeptic you may not find these testimonies to be all that accurate.

Many sites use the same thing as WikiTrader uses. You have your countdown timer to get in on the system and you are required to enter your email address to start the process of signing up. All these steps are standard no matter what system you choose to use. So you canít judge WikiTrader for using the same ìtriggersî as other sites.

The Verdict

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at WikiTrader. The first thing you will notice is the introduction video. Every site has one these days and each one makes wild claims. WikiTrader seems to have their ducks jumbled on how much a person can make. On the top of the screen, it states $8,600 per month. Then later on the price jumps to $7,250 per day. It is hard to tell which one is accurate or if the owner hopes you don't do the math as it won't add up.

Next, you may notice that Ms. Kelly Wallace has a very familiar face. It could be because she did another video several months back for a different auto-trader app. So there really is no telling who actually owns the site or created the app.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is all the reviews from other people. Sure, there are some people out there who claim the app is completely false and will steal your money. Then you will find other reviews about how great the system is. You have to take things with a grain of salt and read between the lines.

The system does work. Does it do everything that it claims and makes you $7,250 a day? No. It won't be able to if all you are trading with is $250 that is just mathematically impossible to do with so little investment. But, it can earn you some money over time. As long as you donít see this program as a get rich kind of program.

If you are looking for a trading system you should look into WikiTrader. Just don't expect to earn as much as the introduction video says you will.

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