Working from home is no easy task, particularly with so many people competing for similar jobs online. Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide eBook ends the struggle by helping you find legitimate work-at-home opportunities. From product testing to reviewing websites, purchasers of the eBook are promised access to more than 250 companies.

What Is Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide eBook?

Adam Eisenhart is the voice of the company in a video featured on the website. Of course, that is also because Eisenhart is the author of Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide eBook. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much information readily accessible about Eisenhart. There is nothing explaining who he is or his level of knowledge regarding work at home opportunities.

Although a lack of information about the book’s author is somewhat concerning, it is hardly a turn-off. Eisenhart does speak with a measure of confidence and knowledge when presenting his book, which is a good sign. It is apparent that he stands behind his product and the information it contains.

The Product

The product is a book that is digitally available to you once you pay the $27 fee. Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide eBook is available through the ClickBank Marketplace. The vendor that sells the book is known simply as home1jobs.

Before purchasing the book, visitors to the website are shown reviews from what appear to be previous customers. Those customers boast about the positive changes and incredible jobs they landed after buying the eBook.

Once you make your payment, you receive instant access to the 200-page book, which contains 14 diverse job categories. Many big-name companies appear in the book such as Neutrogena, Evernote, and even Johnson + Johnson. By purchasing the book, you have the opportunity to land a job with at least one of the companies listed.

The Opportunity

For a one-time fee, you get lifetime access to a continuously updated list of available work at home opportunities. In fact, the book even provides links to the hiring pages of the companies listed. The book does more than just offer a list of legitimate work at home opportunities. It also offers a wealth of other opportunities and information.

For instance, you will gain access to questions you should ask an interviewer. You also learn what questions interviewers are likely to ask you. Nailing a successful interview is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to land a job inside or outside their home. Therefore, knowing what interview questions to expect and how to answer them is certainly a benefit.

You will also gain access to examples of successful resumes and cover letters, which makes landing a job much easier. Purchasing Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide eBook enables you to receive a free copy of another eBook. The book is called 100 REAL ways to Make Money. It provides even more information to help you supplement your current income.

The Verdict

At a purchase price of only $27, Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide eBook seems worthwhile. Although the company promises to help you land a job, the reality is that you need to put in your own legwork.

The book does feature plenty of job opportunities and you are provided the tools to assist you in successfully landing a work at home job, but it is up to you to market yourself and your skills.

Since you also receive lifetime updates, the purchase of this product seems even more like a great deal that is hard to pass up. Even more interesting is the fact that many of the companies reportedly offer health benefits and even 401K to their work at home employees.

Although you are not promised any specific income or even a job, it is certainly likely that you could land a job with one of the many companies featured in the book, making this a legitimate and even recommended purchase.

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