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There are a lot of different ways you can make money online. One of those ways is through a site called World's Best Matrix. This site is a cash gifting site that allows you to earn money every time you get someone to sign up for the program.

Granted, World's Best Matrix also sports the opportunity to promote and advertise your product or business. The reason why sites offer this incentive is so that you feel you aren't just throwing your money down the drain and actually getting something in return. But don't be fooled by the advertising platform.

You are still basically gifting money to your upline and recruiting individuals who will be gifting money to you.

What Is Worlds Best Matrix?

According to, World's Best Matrix was registered April 6, 2017. The site is set to private making it a bit difficult to determine who actually runs the show. Luckily though, the site offers you a connection through Facebook.

Once on Facebook, you will be able to see that there are two people connected with World's Best Matrix. The administrators listed on Facebook are John Dierksmeier and Isabelle Thellier.

While there is very little information on Isabelle Thellier, you will find a lot of information on John. You see Mr. Dierksmeier has been around since 2015 where he created several different money making sites.

Some of these sites include Cafe Nopal, Amazing Pre Builder, My Secret Fortune, just to name a few. Many of Mr. Dierksmeier sites are all matrix cycler and cash gifting sites.

Worlds Best Matrix Product

The site World's Best Matrix doesn't offer any real products or services. The only thing they offer is the ability to promote the membership.

Worlds Best Matrix Opportunity

As stated before, the World's Best Matrix site allows you to make money by recruiting other people into your downline. From there, they gift you money and the system continues. However, you aren't gifting cash; you are gifting Bitcoins to other affiliates.

In order to start with World's Best Matrix you are required to pay your upline 0.005 BTC. Once you do that, you are then entered into the 2×10 matrix. It will then be your job to find two people to sign up under you and gift you 0.005 BTC.

The remaining 9 levels of the matrix system work in the exact same way as the first. All you have to do is find 2 people and sign them up to get paid the 0.005 BTC.

Level 2 requires you to find 4 affiliates and the matrix simply multiples until you get to 1,024 recruits.

If you want to go the distance and reach the bottom of the matrix it will cost you 0.05 BTC to participate. While the price never goes up, with each new level you enter, you are required to pay your upline the 0.005 BTC.

Worlds Best Matrix Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. First off, the site doesn't tell you who runs the show. You have to dig through social media outlets to get this information.

If a company isn't up front with who they are, they are obviously hiding something. The second red flag that comes up is with the system itself.

Many matrix systems are built around the basis of people signing up other people. World's Best Matrix is no different. You have to find your recruits. Finding people to gift you money is no easy task. Unless you already have a downline in place, there doesn't seem to be any way for anyone to earn money.

Plus you have to realize that when a system is tied up with its members recruiting, once that stops the money stops. This is no exception with World's Best Matrix. The whole site will stop functioning the moment people stop recruiting.

The third red flag is how you are gifting Bitcoins. Bitcoins is one of the few currencies that can't be traced. You also need to realize that with gift giving sites, there are no refunds. Once you send the money, it is gone.

Now, if you are still interested in signing up, go for it. You can make money as long as you have a business plan in place and people willing to sign up. If you don't, you may find it a bit difficult to earn anything with the World's Best Matrix.

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