It's crazy to think that the fastest growing
video platform in the world is NOT…

YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Vine or Daily Motion.

And could quite possibly be the best kept secret for Marketers…
no matter affiliate or network marketing members.

Since this platform launched, is has:

– 1,000,000 users in the first 10 days
– 10 years of new live content WATCHED everyday single day!
– Over 380 years of content viewed since it launched
a few short weeks ago!

We're talking about Twitter's periscope, and it's awesome to
build an audience instantly, but the only flaw is, the
videos are only online 24 hours after broadcast.

But with the new wordpress plugin WP Scope it solves that problem.

Start using Periscope to:

Create hyper-engaged fans in real time

Build breakthrough audiences INSTANTLY – because it's live, people are always browsing Periscope looking for something new to watch.

Get instant feedback on products from your fans, customers and clients. (Business 101: Serve their needs better and they'll line your pockets for years to come).

Host authority building Q&As about you and your business and instantly bank more cash

Showcase new products and create a pre-launch buzz so loud it'll have Steve Jobs coming back to join the party.

Is WP Scope Worth Your Money?

Do you have a website or blog but get no traffic? Are you struggling with competitors who are grabbing all the success with you being left behind? If you do then keep on reading to find the best kept secret out there to get instant traffic.

Are you looking for an easy way to gain lots and lots of traffic to your site? If you get HUGE amounts of traffic you’ll be bound to convert some of them. There’s so much money out there in gaining hot traffic to your website. Let’s be real here. You’re slightly jealous of the people who get so much viral traffic out there. All it takes is one article on Facebook or Reddit to gain traction and gets thousands upon thousands (sometime millions!) of people to pass around your content.

If you have enough skin in the game you understand the potency of the viral effect. If you master it well you’ll be on your way to getting a very early retirement. Most people have difficulty with this though. There’s so much competition out there. Don’t you hate it when people beat you in every step of the way?

It’s time for you to find a way to get an edge over your competitors. There’s this special secret that successful internet marketers don’t want to talk about. Why? Because if the secret is out then they lose loads of money and get more competitors.

What’s the secret?

Twitter’s Periscope. It is like Twitter’s version of YouTube. Forget Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. The real money is in Periscope. With 10 million users and growing this is a great source of amazing traffic for your site. The great thing that this is a relatively unknown platform among most internet markets out there. Through the power of Periscope you’ll be able to reach an untouched audience through video content.

There’s lot of potential with this untapped audience. You can get your message heard across thousands if not millions of users if you know what you are doing. The greatest benefit to Periscope is that you’ll be able to build an interaction with your audience. Connecting with your audience and knowing who they are is one of the biggest factors that people consider when purchasing a potential product or service from you. Periscope allows you to build a unique connection with your audience. People like to buy things from people they know and trust.

Periscope allows you to do that.

Here are some negative downsides associated with Periscope.

  1. Videos only last 24 hours until it expires.
  2. Only people at Periscope can view your content.
  3. You can only broadcast live videos which lasts for 24 hours

Problems 1-2 can be fixed thanks to a wordpress plugin called WP-Scope. The plugin has a wide variety of features which includes…

  • Auto-uploading your videos after it expires.
  • Automatically uploads your Periscope content into other social networks instantly.
  • Allows you to download other people’s broadcasts

Through WP-scope you’ll be able to efficiently manage Periscope within wordpress. It’ll make the process much easier.

Think of the amount of traffic that you can earn within a short period of time if all you did was publish a video? There’s so much potential here.

Don’t waste it. Check out WP-scope.

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