writing paychecks

WritingPaychecks (WP) is a subscription-based service that purports to provide training and aid in job searching for those interested in becoming freelance writers.

What Is Writing Paychecks?

There's little to no information available concerning WritingPaychecks. This includes no telephone number, street address, or identity behind the company. Subscription sales are managed through ClickBank, and the WP website registration is private.

The Product

The product WP offers is a subscription service for fledgling freelance writers. For an initial $1 fee, which provides users a three-day trial, WP provides a how-to guide, hand-picked featured writing jobs, a high-paying job database, and bonus opportunities to earn money from home.

Members who wish to keep access to WP's services after this three-day period will need to pay a recurring monthly fee of $17.

The Opportunity

WP has an affiliate program wherein affiliates promoting the service receive a 75 percent revenue share for all initial and recurring sales. This includes upsell opportunities of an unspecified nature.

WP provides several banner ads and email campaign examples to affiliates to aid in advertising the WP service.


The world of freelance writing can be difficult to delve into for those without any experience or knowledge. This makes services like WP relatively valuable, especially at such a relatively modest price.

However, with no way of knowing what the content or quality of WP's services actually are, it's impossible to know if the $17 a month subscription fee is worth it, or if it's just one more way for scammers to separate credulous and naive individuals from their money.

There's nothing inherently wrong with WP offering an affiliate program, of course. Some of the most reputable companies on the internet offer opportunities to earn affiliate income.

Additionally, a 75 percent revenue share is quite generous. Still, there's the persistent problem of not knowing the quality of the service – and the complete lack of transparency regarding the website's owner/operators.

It's almost certainly a given that, when a website that is offering products or services for sale, transparency creates an aura of respectability. Knowing who you're doing business with, where they're located, and how to get in contact with them shows a level of trust that would otherwise be absent.

Companies that refuse to provide such basic information about themselves seem as if they have something to hide, and this hurts their ability to attract business.

Of course, if these companies are indeed not legitimate and are simply attempting to scam money from unwitting customers, the lack of any kind of identifiable information is an advantage.

You can't track down someone and hold them accountable if you don't know where they are or even their name. It's a massive red flag, and with WP not having any sort of identifying information available to prospective customers, there's little to recommend its products and services.

Likewise, this makes WP a poor choice for affiliates. While you may be successful in selling memberships for commission, you will need to rest easy that WP could be a fly-by-night scam company looking to take advantage of people.

If you're not bothered by that, you can go ahead and do whatever you like, of course.

Meanwhile, while it can be difficult to break into the world of freelance writing, there are other, low-cost or even free alternatives when it comes to education and job opportunities.

Free freelance job search websites exist that make it easy to search or browse for all manner of online jobs – including writing – and there are professional organizations out there that aggregate job openings and provide educational materials for much less than $17 a month.

Since the initial three-day fee is just $1, it's likely that plenty of people will check out WP to see if it's legitimate.

If you have any misgivings before joining or becoming an affiliate, you're encouraged to do so yourself – just remember to cancel your membership before you end up billed an additional $17 if you dislike what you find.

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