There are some pretty creative ways for people to earn money online. One of these ways is with the new company Xabo that is the newest Bitcoin investment program. According to Xabo, you can earn 150% return on your investment within 50 days of signing up and funding your account.

The site goes on to state that Xabo makes their money by selling cargo space on ships in the United Kingdom and other countries.

What Is Xabo?

There is no date listed on the site as to when this site was launched. You will, however, find three names linked to the company.

The Company CEO is listed as Sir Harvey Bowen, the financial manager is Robert Shields and the company's top manager is listed as Richard Bailie.

The site lists biographies of these individuals stating with their previous endeavors as well have what they are up to now.

Among names of company employees, you will also find an address that states that the company is located in the United Kingdom. You will also find a phone number listed.

When you look at the registered owner of Xabo.io you will find the site owner is listed as Joseph Morgan with the organization name listed as Xabo Logistics International LTD. The registered owner is listed as being from Stockport, Great Britain.

When looking further into Xabo.io, you will find them on Facebook. However, when scrolling through Facebook you will find that the company doesn’t have anyone listed as the administrator. You will also find Xabo Logistics is on Twitter and has a YouTube channel.

Xabo Product

For as low as $10 you can invest your money with Xabo.io and start earning 150% ROI. The site states that you are renting out cargo space on ships. Depending on the space you rent is determined by how much you are willing to invest with them.

According to the site you are paid each day until your investment has reached maturity, then you can withdraw your funds.

Xabo Opportunity

According to the site, there is an “Affiliate” link at the top of the page. When you click on this link, the site redirects you to a page that says that Xabo platform is working hard to add new features.

The affiliate program, however, is explained on their Facebook page. The post on Facebook explains how an affiliate can earn 14% commissions on their team’s deposit.

So it is evident that as an affiliate you will want to spread the word about Xabo and build a downline to start earning commissions from those who sign up and make a deposit or investment with Xabo.

Xabo Verdict

According to the site, Xabo.io is listed as an HYIP or high-yield investment program. When you do a search on what HYIP really is the news isn't so good. This is a major red flag when looking at Xabo.io to earn you money. The idea behind Xabo is that you are renting out unused cargo space.

It seems at first like a brilliant idea, but in the long run, when you start to ask yourself why, you won't find any answers. You aren't given any information on which ships actually rent out this space.

Granted the site states that these ships are located in the United Kingdom and other countries, the missing information on which ships should make you wonder.

Another major red flag is the website itself. You will find it very difficult to keep the site up for any given period of time. The site refreshes and then gives a 502 Bad Gateway error page. Or you may not get a link to the site at all.

If you are curious about investing with Xabo.io the best thing you can do is just try it out for the $10. When nothing comes of it all you lost was $10. However, if you do happen to earn money, then invest a bit more.

But with all investment opportunities, you should do your homework and make sure you know what you are getting into before going overboard with your money. It is also important to remember not to investment more than what you are willing to part with.




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