Xegains Ventures (Xegains) is an online investment affiliate company that purports to provide individuals with opportunities to earn as much as 450% return on investment (ROI) through their portfolio.

What Is Xegains?

According to the Xegains website, the company was founded in 2008 as an angel investing company. In 2015 the company transitioned to exclusively funding companies that make use of cryptocurrencies – online currencies not tied to any particular country like the US dollar or the Euro. The company claims that eschewing fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium provides Xegains several advantages.

The founder of the company is listed as one Papper Jean Pierre. The company is purportedly registered in the Seychelles; the website is registered to an Aaron Joseph, who Xegains lists as a global partner. The address given is an office building in Berlin, Germany.

The Product

There is no actual product that Xegains markets. Instead, Xegains affiliates can invest through the company in order to receive guaranteed ROI of up to 450% while also earning commissions from marketing membership in the affiliate program to others.

The Opportunity

Affiliate members that invest their money in Xegains are guaranteed by the company to receive up to 450% ROI on their investments after a certain period of time. The time period and ROI differ according to the amount of money invested according to which of Xegains' three “Venture Pools” you invest in:

  • Venture Pool 1 ñ Invest $50 to $500 and receive a 250% ROI (max 0.5% a day)
  • Venture Pool 2 ñ Invest $501 to $2000 and receive a 350% ROI (max 0.65% a day)
  • Venture Pool 3 ñ Invest $2001 to $5000 and receive a 450% ROI (max 0.85% a day)

Referring additional investors grants you referral and residual commission income as well as matching bonuses from Xegains directly. Investment is not a requirement to receive commission, but not investing personally disqualifies individuals for any matching bonuses.


On the surface Xegains looks like a legitimate investment opportunity combined with an affiliate referral system. However, these claims are almost too good to be true, and it's not unexpected to want to know more about the company in order to allay any fears an investor might have before becoming involved with Xegains – and before they sink any of their hard-earned cash into the company.

Unfortunately, there are several red flags that arise when looking deeper into Xegains, and many of these issues have been discussed at length over the internet by other reviewers. The main issues that have emerged from investigating Xegains are, unfortunately, quite clear.

The first problem is that there are no verifiable third party investment details. Xegains claims to invest in companies that make exclusive use of cryptocurrencies – of which there are several – but there is no information listed anywhere as to what these companies are.

Without proof that investors' funds are being funneled into these companies, there's literally no evidence that the entirety of funding coming to Xegains is through affiliates in a pyramid scheme.

Additionally, the identity of the founder of Xegains, Papper Jean Pierre, is unverifiable. A simple web search reveals that the image used on the Xegains website for Pierre was seemingly stolen from a random user of Quora named Ivica Marusic. This blatant deception throws into question the remainder of the images the company uses for its staff.

With no verifiable third-third party companies that Xegains is investing in – and with the founder of the company seemingly nonexistent – there is little†reason to trust anything written on the Xegains website. A†450% ROI isn't unheard of, but claims of such a massive amount of profit that aren't backed up by verifiable evidence is†essentially worthless.

Ultimately, Xegains seems to be a poor choice for anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrency or in marketing an affiliate income opportunity. The entire site is likely a scam, and it is not recommended to invest any of your cash in this business.

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