YoloPros seems to have caught a lot of buzz lately as one of the newest MLM companies on the web. The company promises to help you generate a sizeable income daily using what seems to be a relatively simple method. As with most standard MLM companies, YoloPros invites affiliates in using an organized system in which higher ranked members can make more money than those at a lower level.

The Company

YoloPros offers a clean, easy to navigate website that is packed full of information. The owner of the site is Kai Jacobson, a resident of Hawaii. Jacobson and another man by the name of Jay Ahlin are also the co-founders of the company.

Further research reveals that both men are rather familiar with MLM companies. In fact, Jacobson's name comes up in connection with promotions for both iCharity Club and Lifewave, which is also known as K &R International. Ahlin, on the other hand, has been linked to iCharity Club, IWowwe, RE24/7/365, Malibu Mastermind, Rocket Cash Cycler, EmSquared, and Infinity2Global.

One would assume that the knowledge both men have about MLM companies would make for a solid MLM company of their own. However, some concerning information reveals that some of the MLM companies the men have promoted or have had involvement with have been nothing more than recruitment schemes.

The Product

There is a Products tab available on the YoloPros website, but there does not seem to be any real products that the company sells. Affiliates have the chance to start a retail eCommerce store to sell digital products offered by the corporation, but the products seem more like ranking packages rather than actual products.

The only package that might seem like a product of sorts is the travel discounts in which current users can receive discount prices on rental cars, cruises, hotels, airline tickets, and packaged travel deals. In most situations, the discount is 10-20%. However, some affiliates earn discounts up to 50% on individual packets. Members also gain access to an e-book library containing helpful information.

The Opportunity

To qualify for the YoloPros compensation plan, affiliates must sign up and purchase the ten different packages containing digital “products.” The price of the packages ranges from $200 to $1,000. Each one claims to provide at least hundreds of digital products on a wide variety of niche markets.

The best way to earn commissions through the company’s compensation plan is by recruiting new affiliates. You then become that affiliate’s sponsor, which helps you earn money. Of course, the only way for you to make money is if your affiliate also buys the ten digital product packages.

The company offers four different ranks after the initial member sign up for $219.95. The following is a breakdown of the available ranks:

  • 1-Star Rank: Sponsor at least two affiliates and have them purchase up to Product Package 2
  • 2-Star Rank: Sponsor at least three affiliates and ensure that two of them obtain a 1-Star Rank or higher
  • 3-Star Rank: Sponsor four affiliates
  • 4-Star Rank: Sponsor six active affiliates, two of which must earn a 3-Star Rank

Under each of the ranks, affiliates earn 50% of the Direct Product Package cost. Therefore, the higher the rank, the more money you earn. At the lowest rank, you can make $100 off $200. However, at the highest rank, you can make $500 off $1,000, which seems like a much sweeter deal.

By continuously recruiting new members, it is entirely possible to generate a continuous stream of income. Of course, you must convince your new recruits to purchase product packages.

The Verdict

YoloPros seems like it can assist you in making money for doing nothing more than recruiting a few new affiliates. However, the lack of information of product line does not make recruitment easy or even likely.

To join, affiliates must purchase the first Digital Product Package for $200. They must also pay the $19.95 monthly affiliate fee. In truth, $219.95 is a pretty steep amount for some. Also, the thought of paying $19.95 a month may not sit well with some. Considering that you might not make money at all, paying a monthly fee seems like a risky turn-off.

In truth, the company seems to center more on the number of people you recruit instead of selling products. Without having something tangible to offer, it makes the opportunity provided by YoloPros seem less worthwhile.

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