Health and wellness are the central theme of Youngevity, which operates via direct selling and sports Marilu Henner as a spokesperson.  However, they also sell scrapbooking products, mineral makeup, food storage solutions and other seemingly random products that I'll explain further below.

The Founder & The Company

You can't really discuss Youngevity without first introducing Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND.  His expertise is in veterinary medicine (that's the DVM behind his name) but his focus is on biomedical research.  He spent a very long time observing the effects of nutrients in animals before becoming a Naturopathic Physician (that's the ND behind his name).

Dr. Wallach hit it big in the research world by becoming the world's leading expert on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals.  He's won awards and now advises the Food and Drug Administration on matters of dietary supplements.

The company he formed promises the ability to live longer and look & feel younger.  Nutrients are the key, which is something Dr. Wallach learned from his work with livestock, who received nutrition via supplements in their food pellets.

Dr. Wallach made his name and created his body of knowledge by working on thousands of animal autopsies and hundreds of human autopsies.  He worked on the National Institutes of Health research program which led him to develop controversial theories on the nature of cystic fibrosis.

Disenfranchised by institutional reactions to his discoveries, he turned towards his own course of study.  He wrote Dead Doctors Don't Lie, which contained nutritional information vital to helping people avoid disease and become healthier.  His animal research had the potential to help humans, too.  He advised people to take their health into their own hands…and from there he also became interested in helping people in general.  And that's when he discovered direct sales.

The result is a unique combination of healthy products and a great compensation plan and this was the birth of Youngevity, in 1997.   Youngevity is a publicly traded company and its products are sold in 65 countries.

The Products

Plant-derived colloidal mineral supplements…there are 90 essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids, according to Dr. Wallach.  The flagship product is in fact called 90 for Life.

Other flagship products include:

  1. Healthy Body Start Paks: 90 for Life + Citrus Peach Fusion, EFA Plus, Beyond Osteo-fx ($100)
  2. Healthy Weight Loss
  3. Liquid Nutrition
  4. Plant Derived Minerals

The Ultimate EFA Plus is soft gels that have heart-healthy Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.  Also benefits eye health and brain function.

The Beyond Osteo-fx product restores bone and joint health via antioxidants. the Paks are simply different combinations of these major products, bundled to target what consumers need.

Then, the product line branches off into the following, covering over a thousand products in nine major retail categories:

  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Food & Beverage
  • Home & Family

The Business Opportunity

The Youngevity compensation plan offers unilevel commissions and residual bonuses down to eight levels.  There's a $100 fast-start bonus , monthly free products, and a 30% Quick-start bonus as well as a list of other bonuses available to top sellers.

Qualifying distributors earn 3% to 8% on team volume.  Become “CEO Qualified” an enjoy even higher rewards and bonuses.  To instantly become CEO Qualified, purchase a CEO Mega Pak which includes over $500 worth of product, a welcome kit, and training materials.

The CEO Mega Paks range from $399 to $499.  Basic distributor starter paks are $115 to $150.  That's essentially the buy-in …that plus your Auto Ship, which averages around $70 per month.  If you get three people to join Youngevity, you get your Autoship for free that month.

The Verdict

If it weren't for Dr. Joel Wallach's impressive story, I just wouldn't give this  second thought.  After all, how many direct selling opportunities look just like this one?  Plus the extreme diversity of products leaves me wondering what the mission of this company really is.

But after watching the video portraying the life scientific life of Dr. Wallach, I kind of trust him.  Anyway, minerals are good for you, so perhaps it's worth a try.

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