The Company

The Yunooh website was registered about two years ago, in September of 2013.  In those two years, they still have not yet managed to complete the “About Us” section on their website.  They describe themselves simply as an “Online classified ads with Cashback Reward System” but more info is hard to find: their forum is virtually empty and their FAQs don't five many answers, except you can use PayPal to upgrade and the payment threshold is $5.

Upgrade what? Payment for what??

As for who these people are, can't tell you much there either.  I can tell you their Compliance Officer is located in Quezon City, Philippines.

Facebook reveals a video (“Do you have gadget?”) advertising the classified packages.  Only now it's a featured “post” not a featured “listing”.

Let's discuss the differences and unique selling points of Yunooh vs similar cash back reward companies like Ominto.

The Product

The product is a paid listing on a free-for-all classified listing website (and maybe the Yunooh facebook page as well, but it's not clear).

One may purchase classified ads, choosing from 4 different packages as follows:

  1. 60 days free listing
  2. 90 days featured listing = $4
  3. 180 days featured listing = $7
  4. 1 year featured listing = $13

For the paid listings, you earn loyalty points.  As for what those points may be used for, it's anybody's guess.  More ads?  And what exactly are you getting paid for?  Is it simply cash back rewards?  Buy enough ads and you eventually get money back?

The website's last classified listing is humming along, with new listings almost every day.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is described on Yunooh's facebook page as “No recruitment, no affiliate, and set and forget”.  That's good to hear, but what is it?

An advertisement on the forum “MoneyMakerGroup” supposedly placed by the owner invites people to join, dated August 2014.  The ad says to just place a $4 ad and earn fifty cents over and over…”unlimited income from your one time spend of $4″.

Someone took the bait and then posted a reply to the ad that they didn't get it!  Here's the explanation:

“Every time there's a featured ads. Who pays $4 at least you get 2loyalry points were be place in a cycle 2×1 where you could earn $0.50 for every cycle. Our program is two way profit from your ads alone and from your featured ads. Adn because you tried our service one is already cycle. Now there are two in”

-Yunooh owner's explanation of how it works

And that, my friends, is what you get for investing in things you don't know much about!

Let's see if we can decipher what this means.  I think that the “2×1” cycle is a 2×1 matrix…when it's filled, that's one cycle and you get $.50.  Where does that money come from?  I'm going to say it comes from the next guy who puts in his $4 after you.  Getting people to come in after you sure sounds like recruiting to me, despite what they say on their video about “no recruiting, no affiliate”.

The Verdict

Hmmm, two years and their website looks like it had about five minutes dedicated to its creation?  Two years in business and they don't even rank in Bing among the top 30 for “classifieds Phillippines”?  Only 150 Facebook likes, and that's where you put your listings?

How is this company coming up with customers?  With a seemingly worthless product, the opportunity is even less valuable.  Not even sure how it works, even when you ask the owner to explain?  Run!

Unless you are searching for a way to avoid free classified ads, which are everywhere (craigslist anyone?), Yunooh doesn't make much sense.  Or maybe you want your product listed next to “Hips and Bums Enlargement Cream”?  Click on that one and you're taken to a page on the Yunooh site which lists escort services.  Run faster!  It's a chain letter style opportunity where the last guy in is the loser and the owner keeps what's been left over.  Keep running!

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