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Zenith Gold purports to be a an investment firm that deals exclusively in mining gold and that invites others to invest in gold through them. Here’s our Zenith Gold review.

What Is Zenith Golds?

This company is supposedly “a Canadian-based mid-tier gold producer that owns and operates the Mulatos Mine in Mexico.” Zenith Gold invites individuals to invest in gold through Zenith Gold, and also encourages investors to find others in order to receive a commission through an affiliate recruitment system.

However, as you’ll see below, Zenith Gold is not what it says it is in any way, shape or form. In fact, it’s simply an affiliate marketing scheme in the form of a Bernie Madoff-like pyramid scam.

How Zenith Gold Works

Zenith Gold doesn’t work. It claims that investing in the company will provide a 2% daily return on investment on deposited funds, but the company website provides absolutely zero proof of its ability to provide such an ROI.

What’s really happening here is that individuals who believe Zenith Gold’s lies blindly deposit funds to the company, which are then held onto by the company. These investors are then encouraged to recruit heavily, and any funds generated from recruitment go towards paying out this 2% ROI, making it look like Zenith Gold is a legitimate company.

Of course, there’s a problem when the amount of money Zenith Gold takes in from recruitment becomes less than the amount of money it needs to pay out to investors expecting their ROI. At this point, investors waiting for their funds get stiffed, the company keeps whatever they have on hand, and disappears into the ether.

This setup is so blatantly a pyramid scheme that we won’t even go into detail as to how the affiliate recruitment arm of the company functions.

Who’s Behind Zenith Gold?

Zenith Gold isn’t a legitimate company. Its claim that it owns the Mulatos Mine in Mexico is false; the mine is owned and operated by Alamos Gold, a legitimate company that owns several mines in the region.

The claim that Zenith Gold is a Canadian company is also false, considering the site gives an address in the British Virgin Islands. This address is linked to a shell company provider, so there’s no way of knowing the identity of those behind Zenith Gold that way.

Additionally, the CEO of Zenith Gold is listed on the website as one Lenny Bruce. Well, we were unable to locate anyone with that name involved in any mining companies. The fact that it’s also the name of the notorious and legendary iconoclastic comedian from the 1950s and 1960s strongly indicates that the name given is fake.

If that wasn’t enough, the content of the Zenith Gold site is by and large plagiarized from other legitimate websites that provide information about gold mining and investing.

In the end, there’s nothing that we legitimately know about Zenith Gold’s mysterious, completely anonymous owners – but we’re pretty sure it’s not Lenny Bruce back from the dead.

Zenith Gold Materials

What do you get with Zenith Gold? Nothing. Sure, you can purchase actual real gold through the site with the money you get from “investing” in Zenith Gold, but that requires you to go through a German third-party gold selling website that’s linked from the Zenith Gold site.

Zenith Gold Pricing

Joining Zenith Gold as an affiliate is free. However, you can’t get access to the company’s “2% ROI” without investing funds. There’s no minimum investment listed on the website.

Zenith Gold Reviews

Zenith Gold isn’t fooling anyone. Every legitimate review site out there has clearly pointed out that the company is just a giant bottomless pit for you to throw your money into.


  • None – There are no advantages to being involved with Zenith Gold.


  • Complete Scam – Anyone getting involved with Zenith Gold – an obvious scam – needs to have their head examined.

Zenith Golds Summary

Zenith Gold might look good on the outside, thanks to their slick-looking website and its (plagiarized) professional copy, but pulling back the curtain reveals that for all its trappings of respectability and legitimacy, the company is simply a Ponzi scheme looking to separate you from your hard-earned money.

There are better ways to invest in gold. One is to take a piece of gold, dig a hole in your backyard, and bury the gold there. You might not get a 2% ROI but you’ll at least have something to show for it when you dig that gold back up.

Still not convinced? In this case, you might as well just fill that same hole with paper money, douse it in gasoline, and light it all on fire. This is a perfect way to simulate investing in Zenith Gold.

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