Quick, name a three-syllable word that reminds you of “life” and stands for an MLM company that sells wellness drinks infused with vitamins that promise balance.

Nuviza?  Trivita?  Javita? Zurvita?  Could be any of these, but today we're aiming our critical eye at Zurvita, a 7-year old company that's out to make a name for itself in the always competitive field of nutrition beverages.

What's their edge?  Do they have one?  We'll find out.

The Company

Although Zurvita was founded way back in 2008, they didn't enter the wellness beverage arena until 2011.  Since then, they've focused on building a quality sales force and it looks as if it's paid off.

As it turns out, Zurvita has already made a name for itself.  Every year since then, Zurvita has enjoyed mind-boggling growth, according to Direct Selling News.  Starting in 2011 with $3.6 million, they're now approaching the $100 million mark in annual revenue for 2015.  What's their secret?

It might be their original approach to geo-selling: they concentrate in small towns in Canada and the United States, where they've found social selling to be extremely effective.   They do sell overseas, but it's limited at this point in time.

Customers love that production of the Zurvita wellness drinks is a domestic affair.  With plants based in Dallas and Phoenix (Zurvita is based in Houston, Texas), they're able to control quality and pureness of their products.

Zurvita enjoys a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Houston.  They are a public corporation traded on the market under the symbol ZRVT (Zurvita Holdings Inc).

The Products

Part of the success of Zurvita as a company has been their focus on a limited number of products.  They started with just one in 2011: Zeal Wellness, and now still only have four products:

  1. Zeal Wellness
  2. Zeal Protein Shakes
  3. Zeal Cleanse
  4. Zeal Burn

The original product, Zeal Wellness, is the only one that's sold outside Canada and the U.S. (Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, and Singapore).   All four products combine to form the Zeal Weight Management Program.

Customers who are motivated to lose weight can be introduced to The Zeal Challenge…combination Zeal products and motivational coaching for lifestyle changes.  This includes calls to all participants to keep the on track with their goals, sort of like a life coach but much cheaper and possibly just as effective.

Zurvita's got it locked down, as far as understanding not only the power of social selling but also the social factors which keep people on track with their goals: again, it's social.  They know people are more apt to stick with lifestyle changes like eating healthy and working out when others are involved and it becomes a social engagement, not a solitary burden.

The Compensation Plan

Consultants can get started for as little as the $35 enrollment fee plus around $30 a month, and get a personalized website and can have product shipped directly to the customers.  Zurvita provides training and support for consultants, who can earn residual income, team bonuses, and more.

Join with the “website only” package for $29.95 per month but you don't get any commissions.  Join by purchasing a business pak and advance to higher rank levels.

The details aren't official here, since the only way to get a Zurvita compensation plan PDF is to become a consultant.  But apparently you can earn money the following ways:

  1. enroll a new consultant who purchases any one of the following packs and earn 20% commission on that sale
    1. Builders Pak.  Cost is $549.95 and commission is $100.
    2. Quick Start Pak.  Cost is $349.95 and commission is $60
    3. Quick Start Pak- Wellness.  Cost is $274.95 and commission is $50.
  2. Team Bonuses.  Team makes 3,000 business volume and gets $1000.  Consultant gets $400.
  3. Personal Sales.  Earn 20% commission.
  4. Overrides.  Earn 5% on every level down to 8 levels depending on rank.
  5. Other bonuses and incentives.  These are things like the car program, the Refer 4 and get Wellness Pak for free.

The Verdict

I'm not sure where DSA got its numbers, but since Zurvita is a publicly traded company, their financials are available everywhere on the internet.  According to MarketWatch, their revenue for 2012 was $7.89 million, not $15 million as reported in the DSA news magazine.  Maybe it's a case of net vs gross, but either figure connotes success in my book.

Products are great.  Management seems tight and experienced.  DSA endorsement is always a plus.   The commissions are set at nice levels, can't complain.  Live in a small town and blessed with the social graces of a butterfly?  Let ‘er rip with Zurvita, you just might have a good run.

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